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Top 100+ Indian Technology Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2021

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100+ Best Technology Blogs To Follow In 2021

Technology is ever-changing as there are numerous daily additions in the world of gadgets and devices. Clearly, Technical blogging is definitely a good choice for someone who has a passion for technology. Nowadays, before any consumer decides to purchase a new device or gadget, he or she definitely check for online reviews on various blogs. Many leading tech bloggers review new products as soon as the launch in the market making the audiences aware of its features and worth. Read more...

Technical blogging has a great scope and you can also find many YouTube tech bloggers who are quite successful in this area. Upcoming tech bloggers have a great chance to enter this industry and the key to success here is presenting genuine reviews of any device or gadget. Technical blogging in 2021 is completely relevant and is in fact in a great position offering good success. Therefore, if you are a good critic and have a passion for technology then technical blogging might be your chance to succeed. One must follow the best technology blogs list to observe how bloggers are gaining the attention of audiences and are leading the industry.

# Blog Name Blogger Name DA PA Alexa Rank
1 Gaurav Tiwari
Blogger, Designer, Digital Marketer
Gaurav Tiwari Gaurav Tiwari 71 45 71.3k
2 Namaste UI
Creating E-impression for learning and discovery
Namaste UI Sourav Basak 69 44 54.1k
3 TrendsBuzzer
The Latest in Buzz
TrendsBuzzer Vijay Diwakar 64 42 438.1k
4 Derek Time
Latest Tips for Business, Technology, Lifestyle
Derek Time Hardik Patel 64 47 216.3k
5 Tricks5
Tricks with Deals
Tricks5 Prashanth 63 37 383.2k
6 My Gadgets News
Technology blog
My Gadgets News Shafeeq 62 37 2.0M
7 Techuniverses
Platform for Professional Learning
Techuniverses Ravi Bhatia 60 37 104.4k
8 TechGYO
Technology blog for the passionate techies
TechGYO Sreejesh Suresh... 60 47 173.2k
9 Whatidea1
Latest android, windows, mobile tips and tricks
Whatidea1 Basanta Limbu 60 40 348.3k
10 News For Public
News blog
News For Public Hardik Patel 60 44 122.5k
11 TechCrack
Tech In Every Thing
TechCrack Romit Sharma 58 35 135.4k
12 Blogwithvk
Blogging Tips and Tricks
Blogwithvk Vishwajeet Kuma... 58 35 575.9k
13 knnit
Finely Woven News
knnit Irfan Younas 57 46 42.8k
14 N4GM
WOrld Around You
N4GM Sachin Sharma 57 40 449.5k
15 Tu13Dekh
The blog is about sharing general stuff and humor
Tu13Dekh omabove 57 26 956.5k
16 Torrents Proxy
Learn cool tips to unblock torrent easily.
Torrents Proxy Trivanks Vinks 55 39 33.2k
17 allabouttechno
A Place ,Technology Is Easy to Learn…!
allabouttechno Shubham 55 35 126.8k
18 Nekraj
SEO, Tech & Marketing Blog
Nekraj Nekraj Bhartiya 55 37 397.9k
19 TrueTech
Technology Magazine
TrueTech Rahul Bagdai 54 41 265.0k
20 JustHelpline
Best Tech Blog
JustHelpline Agc Admin 54 37 380.7k
21 Saeed Developer
All about computer tricks and computer courses.
Saeed Developer Saeed Developer... 54 41 227.4k
22 TechyEyes
This is one of the best technology blog
TechyEyes Olid Ahmed 53 31 460.0k
23 Well Hint
Hints For You
Well Hint Mudassar 53 37 271.8k
24 Indian Men's Digest
All topics related to Indian Men
Indian Men Kartik Murthy 53 20 5.9M
25 Propisk
Trending topics, news and articles
Propisk Rahul Mehra 52 33 2.4M
26 Digitfeast
Technology Blog
Digitfeast Vijay Chauhan 52 35 234.9k
27 Beingoptimist
Beingoptimist is an online Tech Blog publication
Beingoptimist Sadique 51 33 415.7k
28 SEOMaester
SEOMaester is a free Marketing resource
SEOMaester Sajjad Ahmad 51 31 1.4M
29 TurtleVerse
Technology, Travel, Health, Entertainment, Busines
TurtleVerse Turtleverse 51 38 253.4k
30 Quintype
Know more about digital subscriptions
Quintype Sunil Pothuru 41 21 30.2k
31 Techic Talk
Latest Information, News, Tips, Reviews about tech
Techic Talk Ratul Roy 40 27 2.3M
32 Livetechh
Deep Dive Into Technology
Livetechh Aadil Malik 39 30 798.0k
33 Netans
Content related to technology, gadgets, smartphone
Netans Anand Narayanas... 37 36 213.4k
34 Onlinedecoded
Blogging, SEO and Technology Tips
Onlinedecoded Jenny 35 43 252.0k
35 All Mobi Tools
Download all type of mobile tools, and drivers.
All Mobi Tools Ahmed Ali Shah 35 42 154.4k
36 99 tech Post
Digital marketing & technology tips
99 tech Post Techmaya 35 39 11.6k
37 Tricky Enough
Learn tips and tricks about SEO and WordPress
Tricky Enough Robin Khokhar 34 43 38.7k
38 bulaquo
Indian Blog
bulaquo Kishan Rana 34 31 419.8k
39 10tv
10Tv is the best place for Latest Telugu News
10tv 10Tv 34 39 8.6k
40 Trionds
Interesting Articles from Interesting People
Trionds Pankaj Sharma 33 42 171.2k
41 Jhakas
Yaha Sab Kuch Hai Jhakas
Jhakas Amit Tyagi 33 34 205.6k
42 MyDailyLifeTips
Life Hacks & How To Guide
MyDailyLifeTips Santanu Debnath 33 38 605.1k
43 My Vigour
General Tips Blog
My Vigour Sunder Singh 32 38 277.9k
44 Blogging Triggers
Technology and Blogging tips blog
Blogging Triggers Manoj 32 43 221.1k
45 Codepedia
Programming blog , tutorials on web-development
Codepedia Satinder Singh 32 36 283.4k
46 N Sem's Blog
Best Blog For Data Recovery & Email Migration Tips
N Sem Abrienne 32 32 920.9k
47 Hindi Me Jankari
Best Hindi Info Blog of India.
Hindi Me Jankari Prabhanjan Saho... 32 42 7.0k
IT SMART TRICKS Mangesh S Dhula... 32 35 1.4M
49 Gamingsym
Gaming news and tutorials
Gamingsym Omkar Kale 32 28 366.9k
50 TechSparkle
Latest Tech News, Tech Blog for Startups
TechSparkle Sandeep 32 31 511.0k
51 Above Android
The Android Destination
Above Android Abhishek Vohera 31 39 642.1k
52 Seogdk
The SEO Expert
Seogdk Gangadhar Kulka... 31 35 726.6k
53 Bloggingjoy
How To Blog & Be A Better Blogger
Bloggingjoy Santanu Debnath 31 39 85.3k
54 CodeSpeedy
A Place Where You Find Solutions In programming
CodeSpeedy Saruque Ahamed... 30 36 32.5k
55 HubsAdda
Technology and Digital Marketing
HubsAdda Rahul Singh 30 35 102.9k
56 Tele Trick Mania
Tech blog to learn Windows, Linux, MAC, Blogging.
Tele Trick Mania Aashirvad Kumar 30 36 600.4k
57 BLU Cell Phones
BLU Cell Phones deals with new BLU Phone Launches
BLU Cell Phones Preethi Khetani 30 38 679.0k
58 Buzz CNN
Read and share your own writing articles
Buzz CNN Buzzcnn 29 36 N.A
59 Seeromega
Technology Blog
Seeromega Ratnesh 29 37 37.5k
60 Blogging Coffee
A New Trend To Blogging
Blogging Coffee Jai Prakash 28 33 944.7k
61 Trend Rays
TrendRays is your Tech, gaming, gadgets website.
Trend Rays Shubham Butola 28 28 211.2k
62 HaxiTrick
Sab Kuch Sikhe Hindi Me
HaxiTrick Sandeep Kumar 28 31 671.6k
63 wall-spot
Net Easy. Blog about tech.
wall-spot Morish 28 36 2.1M
64 androidblue
free apps download for android
androidblue Masudul 28 38 260.9k
65 latest tips
We are your one-stop center for tips and tricks!
latest tips Imran Ali 27 36 1.5M
66 Learnxpress
Best free software development news and articles
Learnxpress Anand Narayanas... 27 34 789.9k
67 Fabtechie
Tech news you love to read
Fabtechie Mayank Bisht 27 30 2.9M
68 Indian Top Blogs
Blogging tips. Best Indian blogs' directories
Indian Top Blogs Indian Top Blog... 26 47 330.9k
69 TechARX
Technology Simplified
TechARX Sumon Pathak 26 39 224.1k
70 LoveUMarketing
A Blog For Marketing and Earn Money Online
LoveUMarketing Kaustubh Patel 26 37 791.8k
71 Tech News India
For fresh and amazing news from Tech & Gizmo world
Tech News India Sumeet Kumar P... 26 28 1.0M
72 Anamarzablog
A Free Blogging Platform for All Niche
Anamarzablog Mohd Atif 26 47 461.1k
73 Techcolite
Technology is Awesome
Techcolite Prasenjeet Kuma... 26 35 386.3k
74 iAppnalysis
Apps & Games Review | Digital Marketing | Tech
iAppnalysis Sumeet Sharma 26 35 1.3M
75 Techno Bite
Everything About Technology in Hindi / English
Techno Bite Himanshu Patel 25 32 4.6M
76 AlphaCodingSkills
Online Free Tutorial
AlphaCodingSkills Santosh Sahu 25 31 980.0k
77 Semutimut
Tutorial cara memperbaiki hp android dan laptop
Semutimut Semutimut 25 29 278.7k
78 Hindiblog4u
Best Hindi technology blog.
Hindiblog4u Vikash Kumar Si... 25 34 808.8k
79 GarimaShares
Create. Share. Enlighten.
GarimaShares Garima Bhaskar 25 27 6.3M
80 Axis Web Art
Website Design, development & Digital Marketing
Axis Web Art Manoj Babal 25 20 460.1k
81 Hindi Me Help
Internet ki Puri Jankari Hindi Me!
Hindi Me Help Rohit Mewada 24 42 51.2k
82 Adviceduniya
Where you can learn about many thing
Adviceduniya Gopal Singh 24 35 452.2k
83 The Geek Tricks
A Blog For Geeks
The Geek Tricks Nikhil Agrawal 24 30 2.5M
84 Re-Reality
Re-Reality is an blogging domain
Re-Reality Amardeep Subada... 24 30 4.8M
85 Web Blogger Tips
WebBloggerTips एक अद्वितीय हिंदी ब्लॉग है...
Web Blogger Tips Dharmesh Kumar 24 37 244.7k
TECH, SEO & Marketing
SEOFREETIPS Nekraj Bhartiya 24 37 900.6k
87 Themes Mob
Best Top picks product Reviews
Themes Mob Md Shohag 24 40 6.6M
88 Aaiye Sikhe
इंटरनेट की जानकारी हिंदी में
Aaiye Sikhe Puran Mal 24 38 152.2k
89 ScienceandSamosa
Everything about health and education with a dose
ScienceandSamosa Hena Jose 23 35 1.9M
90 Bdtechsupport
A site for Kinemaster Pro,Snaptube,Tamilrockers
Bdtechsupport Mustafizur Rahm... 23 30 2.8M
91 Hari For You
Blog Journey
Hari For You Hari Mohan Shar... 23 30 136.9k
92 NearFile Articles
Articles That Matters
NearFile Articles Md Nowshad Jama... 23 20 194.8k
93 Gadget Garrio
One stop for tech and Bollywood news
Gadget Garrio Abhijit Bangal 23 36 1.2M
Bits & Bytes of IoT Harshvardhan Mi... 23 29 559.3k
95 iDeal BlogHub
Multi Author Blog
iDeal BlogHub Raju Shahi 23 31 208.2k
96 techkeyhub
Latest Technology and gadgets information
techkeyhub Uray Madhu 23 35 1.0M
97 Teknologya
Keep Yourself updated with Hi-Tech World
Teknologya Ankit Bhardwaj 23 41 167.7k
98 Tips and Tricks
Education and technology
Tips and Tricks Mithun 22 33 113.6k
99 Life Tips Pro
We Make Your Life Better
Life Tips Pro Suryateja 22 32 2.0M
100 LifestylesGO
All about Lifestyle, tech & health..
LifestylesGO Lifestylesgo 22 29 1.0M
101 codevscolor
Programming tutorials
codevscolor Kaush 22 31 204.4k
102 Deals Infotech
Source for everything you need
Deals Infotech Ankit Singhala 22 24 1.1M
103 Techadvises
Interesting and informative Technology updates
Techadvises Deepak Kumar 22 29 3.3M
104 pcsuite
Review, Explore and download
pcsuite Tomboy 21 37 98.0k
105 gentlexp
your answer pill
gentlexp Parvinder Singh 21 25 2.8M
106 Blog4Hindi
हिंदी में जानकारी
Blog4Hindi Geeky Kunj 21 36 352.4k
HINDI ME JANE INTERNET KO Rovin Singh Cha... 21 39 1.4M
108 Techiebouncer
Provides Information based on data
Techiebouncer Mohanasundaram 21 21 5.2M
109 Gadgets Beat
Serving Tech Information Simply
Gadgets Beat Nikhil Agrawal 21 29 632.8k
110 Techorhow
Tech News, How to Guides
Techorhow Rahul Yogi 21 32 1.2M
111 Tekkibytes
Buzzing Tech News All The Time
Tekkibytes Soumik Ghosh 21 34 750.3k
112 TechBuzzin
Propagating the best of technology!
TechBuzzin Arjun Kp 20 24 2.1M
113 Newsreaderweb
Its All About Tech
Newsreaderweb Patel Vishal 20 29 5.7M
114 Technical hint
technical hint - gadgets,tech news and electronics
Technical hint Hashan Tagari 20 26 1.9M
115 Techapis
India's Top Tech News Blog
Techapis Gnaneshwar Gadd... 20 28 3.5M
116 Lavender Orchids
Confluence of books and travel
Lavender Orchids Enakshi Johri 20 34 6.2M
117 Tech Accents
TechAccents - Technology Hub!
Tech Accents Sumer 20 27 333.5k
118 Technofuss
Blockchain, Marketing and Computer News and Update
Technofuss Muhammad.osama 20 23 830.7k
119 Geekyduniya
Top 10 Apps, Best Tips and Tricks
Geekyduniya Piyush Kumar 20 25 1.9M
120 My Techie Talk
A Tech Review Blog
My Techie Talk Bunty Sharma 20 35 1.8M
121 Living Swag
Travel, Tech, Entertainment and General
Living Swag Mudaser Naseer 19 31 387.5k
122 Quora Gaffer
blogs about technology , gaming , entertainment
Quora Gaffer Ajay Chander R 19 38 N.A
123 All Information Den
Blog helps to stay updated with latest information
All Information Den Khushbu 19 19 605.2k
124 Geeky Gadgets
Gadgets & Tech Review Website
Geeky Gadgets Subhasish Adhik... 19 34 360.7k
125 Hindi Me Help
Internet Ko Jaane Hindi Me!
Hindi Me Help Hindi Me Help 19 25 2.3M
126 Sahu4You
We are here for you
Sahu4You Vikas Sahu 19 36 104.9k
127 Cup Of Glory
Helping Businesses scale their online presence
Cup Of Glory Aakash Singh 19 16 7.7M
128 Support Mantra
Internet Ki Jankari Hindi Me!
Support Mantra Akash 19 27 8.2M
Latest Prime News and Trending News Theprimetalks 19 33 1.0M
130 TheFastr
Inspired Blogging
TheFastr Aryan Joshi 19 28 542.6k
131 Hindimepadhe
Best Indian Hindi Site
Hindimepadhe Hindimepadhe 19 28 739.5k
132 All Top Today
All Top Today
All Top Today Mukesh 19 28 3.1M
133 Techwiki
SEO, WordPress Guides and Money making tips
Techwiki Piyush Kumar 18 44 204.0k
134 MobileAppDiary
App Reviews, Application Analysis, Application Sub
MobileAppDiary Bajayanti Samal 18 32 589.4k
135 Something Know
Best Guest Blogging website
Something Know Kunal 18 24 226.4k
136 Gadgetsatz
Gadgets news and review blog
Gadgetsatz Myatz 18 29 3.2M
137 Buildsometech
Buildsometech - Best Computer Tips and Tricks
Buildsometech Buildsometech.c... 18 31 499.6k
138 Tech4uonline
Learn and Grow with techuonline
Tech4uonline Puneet Singh 18 32 2.4M
139 Techestate
Techestate Kiran Kudale 18 29 6.8M
140 Web Solution Winners
The World's Most Successful Blog
Web Solution Winners Web Solution Wi... 18 23 1.5M
MY TECHINFO Dileep Gupta 18 29 438.5k
142 Technical Mitra
Simplifying Technology in Hindi
Technical Mitra Nitish Verma 18 29 589.5k
143 Technicalganu
internet ki puri jankari hindi me
Technicalganu Technicalganu 18 34 246.6k
144 Thenextwired
Tech Blog
Thenextwired Bunty 18 26 194.3k
Latest Tech Updates
GADGET SKOOL Chinmay Kumar 18 27 177.7k
146 Techno ratan
My blog is related to tech
Techno ratan Ajay 18 33 1.4M
147 Tech Travel and Life
Tech & Travel blog
Tech Travel and Life Parag Solanki 18 44 6.9M
TECHNOXMART Shivam Dubey 18 32 N.A
149 The Scientific World
Let's hava a moment of science
The Scientific World Mahtab Alam Qud... 18 27 732.7k
150 Tekraze
Dive into technology
Tekraze Balvinder Singh 18 37 659.4k
151 Era Innovator
Technical Information Provider
Era Innovator Romin Vaghani 18 30 138.6k
152 EssentialPicks
EssentialPicks provides tech tips.
EssentialPicks Kabir Roy 17 31 450.5k
153 Get Hindi Me Help
Hindi blog
Get Hindi Me Help Sandeep Kumar 17 31 772.5k
154 TechMuz
Your Tech Assistant
TechMuz Shubham Patel 17 22 3.3M
155 Webinformer
Computer, Internet और Software की जानकारी
Webinformer Nilesh Bambhani... 17 30 199.1k
156 Curious Viral
Blog based on Linux
Curious Viral Pankaj Kumar 17 32 N.A
157 Techy Nickk
Best place to gather info about games, apps,& more
Techy Nickk Micky Singh 17 31 653.9k
158 Techy Den
The Smart Tech BLog
Techy Den Satish Kumar It... 17 28 N.A
159 Iynk
Informative and fresh contents everyday
Iynk Tanuj 17 20 1.2M
160 Techqwik
Techtips Quickly
Techqwik Azfar Alam 17 12 365.0k
161 Interview Sortout
interview stuffs
Interview Sortout Dhananjay Yadav 17 28 2.1M
162 The Fashion and City
The Online Style Magazine
The Fashion and City Swarupa 17 31 655.3k
163 BloggingDept
BloggingDept is blog about blogging tutorial
BloggingDept Prashant 17 19 2.1M
164 Techvatan
The is a technology based website
Techvatan Safar Ali 17 26 187.6k
165 Solution In Hindi
Computer, Mobile & Internet Ki Puri Jankari
Solution In Hindi Md Badiruddin 17 30 1.6M
166 NowIamupdated
Latest News at Your Finger Tips
NowIamupdated Yogesh Khetani 16 28 4.8M
167 Designswow
The out of box ideas for Technology and Marketing
Designswow Akhilesh Maurya... 16 19 1.3M
168 Fresh Founder
We Bake Hot Tech!
Fresh Founder Fresh Founder 16 27 943.1k
169 Droid Buz
All Your Need
Droid Buz Punit Raghav 16 20 4.6M
170 Ali se help
A hindi blog
Ali se help Ali raza 16 23 719.5k
171 Newsmeto
Hindi ME Full Story News
Newsmeto Hp Jinjholiya 16 37 44.7k
172 Meena Site
Meena Site Bajrang Lal 16 31 253.4k
173 Taj Tricks
Latest Tech Updates, Android Hacks & Guides
Taj Tricks Taj Soheil Sidd... 16 30 3.8M
174 TechRevolve
Technology | Blogging | Social Media | Marketing
TechRevolve Harsh Shah 16 28 341.1k
175 Getgadgets
Getgadgets Abhishek Sharma 16 34 463.4k
176 techadvancefree
learn ore about technology
techadvancefree Olid Ahmed 15 28 2.7M
177 rktechtips
digital learning platform
rktechtips Ranjeet Gupta 15 27 276.7k
178 SS Digital Blog
Latest Tech And Digital Trend With Blogging Funda
SS Digital Blog Soumodeep Sikde... 15 21 631.0k
179 Hanan Shah
Become Your Own Boss!
Hanan Shah Hanan Shah 15 23 4.0M
180 Barevalue Blog
Start, Run & Grow a Successful Podcast.
Barevalue Blog Barevalue 15 14 420.7k
181 Trendook
Stories that Matters
Trendook Shashwat Sinha 15 28 550.4k
182 WapTechs
Latest Tech, Reviews, Games Updates
WapTechs Md Abdullah 15 25 714.3k
183 receiverinfo
Digital Satellite Receiver Software Update
receiverinfo Luqman 15 33 1.6M
184 Techtually
A blog for techies by a techie
Techtually Sanjeev Besra 15 27 1.3M
185 The Foodie Tales
Lifestyle , Food & Travel
The Foodie Tales Nitin Hajela 15 24 3.1M
186 Technicalgill
Technical related information and YouTube update
Technicalgill Komal Gill 15 12 2.0M
187 Gadgetsofgeek
Gadgetsofgeek Vish Matpati 15 27 2.4M
188 MoneyMedia
Helping you to generate passive income
MoneyMedia Vishal Gouda 15 31 152.5k
189 Work Online Success
All about apks and apps
Work Online Success Blogg Buddies 15 26 3.3M
190 Pravesh Patel
Latest technology and Cryptocurrencies blogs
Pravesh Patel Pravesh Patel 15 28 775.9k
191 IndiaAtAGlance
Daily Updates for Indian across all Domains
IndiaAtAGlance Ankit Srivastav... 15 31 2.4M
192 Digital Lamp
Light Towards Digital World!
Digital Lamp Rakesh Khushwah... 15 29 943.6k
193 Techotn
Internet Tips And Tricks
Techotn Sajal Manjhi 15 29 3.6M
194 howgadgets
Tech News, Gadgets review, App and Software
howgadgets How Gadgets 15 28 509.0k
195 kyahaikaise
kya hai kaise
kyahaikaise Puran Mal 15 34 526.2k
196 Get Knowledge99
A Hindi tech blog
Get Knowledge99 Noobnarayan (Na... 15 25 1.8M
Computer & Android Tricks Tech news and many more
IT KEEDA Joy Dutta 15 31 2.0M
198 Hindi Techno Guru
Tech And All Tips In Hindi
Hindi Techno Guru Deepak Singh 14 28 120.4k
199 Gyansfinder
लेख जो ज्ञान बढ़ाए
Gyansfinder Sanjeev Sah 14 29 782.4k
200 Busy Blogies
Tech Lifestyle Health Blog
Busy Blogies Iftekhar 14 19 498.6k
201 Fun And Factz 4 U
Learn And Earn through Blogging
Fun And Factz 4 U Jhavinder Thaku... 14 34 2.5M
202 Digi Bharata
Top Brands, Technology and Market Analyse
Digi Bharata Sahil Sachdeva 14 21 1.6M
203 How To Boy
How to tips & tutorials
How To Boy Manoj 14 21 310.2k
204 Tech U Help
सभी इन्टरनेट, मोबाइल, सरकारी योजनाओं की जानकारी
Tech U Help Anoop 14 35 197.1k
205 SociablWeb
Socialble & Technology Tips Blog
SociablWeb Sudip Kumar 14 45 3.3M
206 Techlypost
Helping Newbie bloggers
Techlypost Eniola Samuel 14 21 N.A
207 LazyPk
A Blog About Technology
LazyPk Pankaj Kumar 14 29 778.4k
208 #TechGeek
Hashtag of the future
#TechGeek Rajtilak Bhatta... 14 20 2.0M
209 PC Suite
Sharing free pc suite, software,drivers, etc
PC Suite Nafas Wali 14 29 233.7k
210 LogicalDost
Best Hindi Tech Blog to Become a Smart Person
LogicalDost Pradeep Singh 14 32 407.6k
211 All Tech Corner
One Stop Solution for all Tech Trouble
All Tech Corner Saitheja 14 25 3.0M
SARADANEWS Shreya Singh 14 24 4.0M
213 Gadget Headline
Android News, Apps, Games, Phones, Tips, Reviews
Gadget Headline Subodh Gupta 14 28 2.5M
214 Best Gadget Best Budget
Best Gadget in Every Best Budget
Best Gadget Best Budget Manish Parmar 14 36 1.2M
215 Navi Era
Navi Era Naveen Gupta 14 30 307.1k
216 Bits N' Blocks
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency blog
Bits N Neeraj Benjamin 14 23 6.5M
217 Internet Focus
Technology Ke Sabhi Jankari Hindi Me
Internet Focus Nitish Kumar 14 22 4.6M
218 Tech hindi plus
Blogging and technology blog
Tech hindi plus Grinich Katariy... 13 25 2.1M
219 Napster's Quest
Tech Tips and global news in byte sizes
Napster Sanved Joshi 13 21 4.5M
220 LatestStuffUpdates
Latest Stuff from Tech and Health
LatestStuffUpdates Deepak Kumar 13 23 N.A
221 DigiTechTrends
Technology blog for tech news, blogging, marketing
DigiTechTrends Saurabh Thakur 13 28 671.5k
222 Earn Learn Duniya
Online Earn Money | earning app
Earn Learn Duniya Earn Learn Duni... 13 35 854.4k
223 mytechsoftreview
Latest tech trends,tips, tech news ,u wl find here
mytechsoftreview Neetu Kapoor 13 16 3.3M
224 VirtualNewsBlog
Latest Blogs on technology, business, food
VirtualNewsBlog Abhishek 13 28 N.A
225 JonakAxom
JonakAxom-Best Quotes, Blogging, Business Ideas
JonakAxom Himangshu Kalit... 13 28 473.5k
226 Mobilespecification8
Best place for Mobile Phone Review, Specifications
Mobilespecification8 Mobilespecifica... 13 22 1.4M
227 Widebinary
Technology tutorials and updates
Widebinary Sukanta Das 13 18 N.A
228 Clevercase
Smart Choice
Clevercase Akshay Kumar 13 27 599.3k
229 Blackridertips
This website for those who beleive in tech tips.
Blackridertips Blackridertips 12 25 3.1M
230 Minidea
Seo Tips, Blogging, Wordpress, Ads Review
Minidea Karan Arya 12 34 164.8k
231 Discover Vibe
Discover lifestyle, trend, religion, Money,Gadgets
Discover Vibe Sudhir Dwiwedi 12 29 137.1k
232 TrickZworld
tech guide
TrickZworld Vinod Vinnu 12 23 3.7M
233 Simplitechinformer
Grab authentic knowledge about Blogging.
Simplitechinformer Rahul Shaw 12 23 1.9M
234 Scoopkeeda
India's Most Beautiful Blog In Hindi
Scoopkeeda Akshay Anvekar 12 27 400.4k
235 Gyanveda
एक हिंदी टेक ब्लॉग है!
Gyanveda Gyanveda 12 27 6.5M
236 Money Techno
All About Technology
Money Techno Rishabh Pathani... 12 29 N.A
237 buygadgetz
buy gadgets
buygadgetz Hasnain 12 10 2.8M
238 HindRise
Jaaniye Hindi Me !
HindRise Murari Poonia 12 23 980.6k
239 Lonestar Chronicle
Best Technical Blogs
Lonestar Chronicle Kiran Kudale 12 24 6.8M
240 Qureshi Infotech
Blogging Ka Hindi Solution
Qureshi Infotech Md Qureshi 12 28 2.8M
241 MSS Articles
Articles about the Internet, How-to Guides.
MSS Articles Madhusudan Soma... 12 21 2.5M
242 The Pak Studio
The Largest Information Site
The Pak Studio The Pak Studio 12 33 1.8M
243 The Mind Feed
How To & Tutorials
The Mind Feed Vaibhav Kulkarn... 12 28 2.1M
244 Indrasinhsolanki
Everything is here For you
Indrasinhsolanki Indrasinh Solan... 12 25 2.0M
245 Technicalej
Technology News
Technicalej Ekansh Jain 12 25 767.1k
246 Techi Person
Informative, Blogging knowledge and Help in Hindi
Techi Person Anand Rawat 12 24 470.8k
247 Trendsduniya
Tech Tips & Tricks Hindi Me!!
Trendsduniya Ronak Singh 12 22 1.9M
248 PrideInWear
Style Defines Personality
PrideInWear Trapti Gupta 12 29 1.5M
249 Hindi Free Tech
Internet Ki Jankari Hindi Me!
Hindi Free Tech Mohammed Samir 12 30 605.9k
250 Digital Guruji
Technical Tips In hindi
Digital Guruji Swarn Jain 12 22 535.2k
251 Blogging Techamantra
Provide technical article.
Blogging Techamantra lkthinker 11 24 2.7M
252 Techtunes bd
Techtunes bd is best tech related site.
Techtunes bd Tachtunes Bd 11 13 3.2M
253 Techbloat
Tech Blog
Techbloat Shubham Dutt 11 21 440.9k
254 The Virtual Brand
Business and Tech Platform
The Virtual Brand Sunder Singh 11 30 2.6M
255 Emizentech Blog
Tech News and Info
Emizentech Blog Steve Jonas 11 25 5.0M
256 Techshole
Tech & Internet Ki Har Jankari Hindi Me
Techshole Techshole 11 28 128.7k
257 Hindi Net Master
internet Aur Blogging Ki Jankari
Hindi Net Master Ajay kumar 11 27 598.7k
258 Basic Computer Knowledge
Basic Computer Knowledge
Basic Computer Knowledge Amit Kg 11 21 2.5M
259 Techatma
Tech Blog
Techatma Aditya Dandotia 11 18 2.2M
260 HowToUse
Read to Lead
HowToUse Dinesh Varal Pa... 11 7 N.A
261 99techspot
Learn Something New Everyday.
99techspot Sultan Singh 11 35 266.9k
262 Prince Patni
Tech | Travel | Lifestyle
Prince Patni Prince Patni 11 21 1.0M
263 Technical Xender
Technical Xender
Technical Xender Shruti Aggarwal 11 26 2.4M
AJTECHNICALTECH Amarjeet Singh... 11 29 1.2M
265 Hubby Digital
Best Hindi Tech & Online Money Earning Blog
Hubby Digital Pawan Singh 11 26 166.2k
266 Hindi Net Master
All Internet & business information
Hindi Net Master Ajay Kumar Gupt... 11 27 598.7k
267 BlogerDaddy
Sharing Knowledge will Increase Skills
BlogerDaddy Blogerdaddy 10 22 833.2k
268 Tech Dose Daily
Tech, money, reviews and Blogging
Tech Dose Daily Pankaj Saini 10 24 4.6M
269 How2Trick
Blogging, SEO & Make Money Online
How2Trick Kajal Ahir 10 23 2.0M
270 Tech Gecs
Digital marketing, Gadgets, Technology
Tech Gecs Ashish Pratap S... 10 22 520.6k
271 Technicalvkv
technical vkv education spot
Technicalvkv Kundan 10 20 1.5M
272 Tech Real Jankari
Tech Real Jankari G.l.gurjar 10 27 971.2k
273 Godsunsat
हमारे इस ब्लॉग पर आपको डिजिटल इंडिया, टेक्नोलॉजी,
Godsunsat Krishan 10 27 208.9k
274 TechGuruHindi
TechGuruHindi - Tech Information in Hindi
TechGuruHindi TechGuruHindi 10 26 4.0M
275 gkexpres
A multiple niche blog site.
gkexpres Jaga Tiger 10 18 2.7M
276 lookmith
making you smart
lookmith Digital Ritwik 10 23 5.7M
277 E-Mobility Simplified
Basics of Electric Vehicles and Charging
E-Mobility Simplified Pon 10 24 7.4M
278 Hindi Me Net
Technology Tips In Hindi
Hindi Me Net Tech With Anura... 10 19 1.7M
279 Techno Fact
seo, blogging, review all in one place.
Techno Fact Rajat Pandey 10 20 701.8k
280 KunnuBlog
Hindi Tech,SEO Blog
KunnuBlog Kunnu Singh 10 19 N.A
281 The Smart Adda
Your Smart Helper in Hindi
The Smart Adda Bharat Rajput 10 25 2.2M
282 Latest Trend Gadget
A Techno Blog
Latest Trend Gadget Abhinav Raj 10 21 3.5M
How To Start a Blog For Free
MONEY BLOG Sachkaro - My D... 10 21 1.7M
284 ONS Techs
Technology Tips And Review
ONS Techs Puneet 10 25 5.4M
285 TechTantrum
Everything about technology!
TechTantrum Trent Dalton 10 15 8.2M
286 ApkMuz
For Tech Readers
ApkMuz Shubham Patel 10 14 320.5k
287 Info Insides
Exclusive How To guides, Tech and Education
Info Insides Kishan Sarvaiya 10 21 8.6M
288 List 2 You
A product review blog
List 2 You Morish 10 17 N.A
289 Techtune4you
Technology, Entertainment
Techtune4you Raku Daa 10 23 548.5k
290 BioTechBug
BiotechBug is Biotech guide website.
BioTechBug Saroj 10 23 N.A
291 Mobile tech
In this blog mobile reviews,website,apps
Mobile tech Techy Ritik 10 18 2.0M
292 Software Product Sales
Software Product Sales Review
Software Product Sales Pritam Mallick 10 19 N.A
293 How To Galaxy
Galaxy of Tech Tips and Troubleshooting
How To Galaxy Junaid 10 22 N.A
294 RohitKing
इंटरनेट की पूरी जानकारी हिंदी में
 RohitKing Rohit Shukla 10 24 240.9k
295 24hLifestyle
24hlifestyle is your lifestyle news, Technology
24hLifestyle Dipankar Gharam... 9 19 173.7k
IMPULKITS is another tech blog with latest tech
IMPULKITS Pulkit Sharma 9 15 488.8k
297 avphindi
Hindi Me Gyan Prapt Kare
avphindi Ajay Patil 9 12 N.A
298 Rawat Tech Help
All Tech Help Station
Rawat Tech Help Ramesh Rawat 9 22 3.4M
299 Fguru
A Portal About Tech, Finance and Career
Fguru Om Kudale 9 23 6.0M
300 Alltechnicaldost
Technologu related, tech news, how to make money,
Alltechnicaldost Nikolas Kisku 9 18 N.A
301 Brainy Buoyancy
Internet Ki Jankari Hindi Mai
Brainy Buoyancy Yuvraj Parmar 9 22 N.A
302 Sefisoft
Hindi tech blog
Sefisoft Sefisoft 9 33 807.1k
303 BloggerEkta
Digital Marketing Blog
BloggerEkta Ekta Tripathi 9 18 N.A
304 Droid Tools
Latest about Android
Droid Tools Robert Ro 9 35 6.5M
305 Hindi Me Seekhe
Deeply understand
Hindi Me Seekhe Hansa Juhi Rani 9 21 349.4k
306 luckypatchers
Android apps download
luckypatchers Masudul 9 27 7.2M
307 Shining posts
Tech blog
Shining posts Ammy 9 23 5.1M
308 ZO3 BLOG
ZO3 Blog
ZO3 BLOG Bhargava Sharma 9 22 2.7M
309 Techy instance
Latest Tech News, Updates & Tips and Tricks
Techy instance Manoj Khatri 9 20 6.2M
310 blog and tricks
Blog and tricks provide Free blog tips and tricks
blog and tricks Jayesh Padwal 9 15 2.0M
311 likehindi
एंटरटेनमेंट बिज़नस हेल्थ और टेक्नोलॉजी
likehindi 9 17 N.A
312 Techbizexpert
We provide Laptop reviews, specification,price etc
Techbizexpert Manoj Kumar 9 16 N.A
313 Technohealthhub
A Conglomerate of Technology and Health
Technohealthhub Chandra Sekhar 9 21 1.0M
314 GyaanDuniya
Technical, social media tips& tricks, tutorial,
GyaanDuniya Gyaanduniya 9 16 3.8M
315 Tech Blogly
Tech Blog
Tech Blogly Techblogly 9 9 2.2M
316 The Great Info
Tech guides and Education in a simple way
The Great Info Kishan Sarvaiya 9 29 335.8k
317 Technical Bagle
Technical Bagle internet ki puri jankari hindi me
Technical Bagle Technical Bagle 9 29 1.2M
318 Autocurious
We educate people about automotive technologies
Autocurious Aditya Shukla 9 18 N.A
319 Navtechy
The New Tech
Navtechy Shashi Mishra 9 21 660.4k
320 Reviewingspot
Review at One Spot
Reviewingspot Reviewingspot 9 13 2.9M
321 Sumit's Blog
Tech, Design and Law - odd one out
Sumit Sumit Chakrabor... 8 10 3.4M
322 factdeep
सभी digital जानकारी हिंदी में
factdeep Sandeep 8 22 506.7k
323 AllBuzzUpdates
Tech, Buzz and Tutorials
AllBuzzUpdates Deepak Kumar 8 25 N.A
324 Weekly Trick
No. 1 Tips and Tricks sharing website
Weekly Trick Keval Chaudhary 8 14 1.7M
325 antonkevas
blog berisi tentang dunia otomotive
antonkevas 8 17 7.7M
326 Techie Ankit
It is a blogging knowledge sharing blog.
Techie Ankit Ankit Saini 8 16 6.8M
327 TechniBuddy
Learn Something New
TechniBuddy Aadil Zaman 8 10 3.3M
328 Knowledge finder
Har Din kuch naya Knowledge!
Knowledge finder Jakir Hussain 8 24 1.1M
329 AllHindiMeHelp
Blogging Tips, Seo Tips Tech News, Make Money
AllHindiMeHelp Harishankar 8 20 1.1M
330 Health and technology world
We will provide articles, reports , researhes.
Health and technology world Qaisarhayat 8 10 N.A
331 My Digital Earning
Think Logical Earn Digital
My Digital Earning Debasis Nayak 8 18 N.A
332 Onetechspot
The Blog For Tech Solutions
Onetechspot Payal Sharma 8 19 1.9M
333 AdroidOn
Apps And Gaming News and Tips
AdroidOn Deepak Singh 8 14 258.9k
334 Newtonbaba
Your task is.. TO ASK !
Newtonbaba jai Shankar Sin... 8 20 1.5M
335 Dhaandola
In search of history
Dhaandola Kaustubh Mudgal 8 15 6.0M
336 Hasim Hub
Movie Review, Film, Full Form, Education, SEO, App
Hasim Hub Hasim Thaiyam 8 19 2.3M
337 SuhidsWorld
All about Technology
SuhidsWorld Faisul Islam Su... 8 15 2.5M
338 Techkari
Learn Tech For Free
Techkari Shailesh 8 20 751.7k
339 Sparkling Talk
Blog for SEO, Online money making, Technology
Sparkling Talk Rishi Kumar San... 7 17 N.A
340 Hind me kaise
A hindi blog where you find blogging,seo,tech
Hind me kaise mohammad 7 16 3.8M
341 Social Work MT
Latest trends in computer technology, smartphone
Social Work MT Social Work Mt 7 11 N.A
342 NextGenCafe
Tech, Social Media, and How to tips
NextGenCafe Manoj 7 3 6.9M
343 The Windows Zone
Wordpress tutorial, SEO, Digital Marketing
The Windows Zone Bheru Lal Gamet... 7 13 2.8M
344 skandsolution
Learn Digital Marketing for free
skandsolution Skandsolution 7 18 N.A
345 hindicrush
A technology blog
hindicrush 7 16 4.7M
346 Techno Tricks
Free Softwares, Games, Tricks, Tutorials
Techno Tricks Zahri Kahoor 7 17 N.A
347 The Tech Analysis
How to access Google Keyword Planner for free
The Tech Analysis Alok Kumar Jha 7 10 6.5M
348 The Web Bizzare
just the bizzare on internet
The Web Bizzare All News One 7 21 4.8M
349 Blogs Hour
Tech Blog
Blogs Hour Muhammad Zubair 7 9 3.3M
350 Techgyan24
On this blog tech YouTube,adsence, etc.
Techgyan24 Ravi Ojha 7 14 N.A
351 Sudarshan Dalavi's Blog
सुदर्शन दळवी ब्लॉग हा मराठी टेक्नॉलॉजी ब्लॉग आहे.
Sudarshan Dalavi Sudarshan Dalav... 7 4 3.6M
352 Techvile
Product Comparisions and Internet Articles
Techvile Vibin Kishore 7 28 1.0M
353 Hindi Tech Spot
Technology in world
Hindi Tech Spot Hindi Tech Spot 7 16 4.6M
354 ShoutingMe
Learn something new every time
ShoutingMe Samaresh Mandal 7 23 495.3k
355 Tech Upaay
Technology and Reviews in Hindi
Tech Upaay Tech Upaay 7 20 3.6M
356 hindikanak
Find awesome informations
hindikanak Yogesh Panwar 7 14 N.A
357 The Techy Zone
Tech updates and mobile updates on this blog
The Techy Zone Uday Garg 6 12 N.A
358 Tech 4 News
Tech Updates , Mobile ,Blogging, and Earn Money
Tech 4 News Arjun R Pai 6 22 981.9k
359 CompileIoT
Explore Internet of Things
CompileIoT Harshvardhan Mi... 6 13 N.A
360 Anas Siddiki
if you want to learn full information in Hindi abo
Anas Siddiki Blogging4444 6 17 398.0k
361 Gadgets SMARTTECH
We review the new phone. And compare with another
Gadgets SMARTTECH Ravi Giri 6 10 2.2M
362 Tech For Youths
Hub for techies
Tech For Youths Tech For Youths 6 22 N.A
363 360 NEWS MANIA
360 NEWS MANIA Abdul Ahad 6 17 N.A
364 Daily Coupons
Daily Coupons Cashback and Promo Codes
Daily Coupons Gajender Pratap... 6 15 4.8M
365 TechnoProkash
Tech Blog
TechnoProkash Techno 6 31 4.8M
366 Digital Niyana
Blogger for Digitaller's
Digital Niyana Vidhya 6 21 2.3M
367 becreatives
online earning , share market, network market etc.
becreatives Pravesh Kumar 6 19 1.8M
368 Only Hindi Mai
Only Hindi Mai - Online Internet Information Hindi
Only Hindi Mai Only Hindi Mai 6 17 2.7M
369 xtremehindi
Blogging se related jankari in hindi
xtremehindi Abhishek Singh 6 24 792.5k
370 TechLatest
Virtuality on Your Fingertips
TechLatest Shekhar Vaidya 6 27 122.1k
371 TechieVipin
Smartphones Reviews,Specifications and android tip
TechieVipin Vipin 6 12 N.A
372 Ubbertech
The Path Go To Technology
Ubbertech Shubham Kumar T... 6 13 N.A
373 AllTechFusion
Technology Roundup
AllTechFusion Apthagowda 6 19 2.9M
374 hearandsaylog
Technology, Health, Travel Blogs
hearandsaylog Anjali Kulshres... 5 12 N.A
375 OnionLinux
Weblogs for Linux & DevOps Enthusiast
OnionLinux Rohit Kumar Sin... 5 10 N.A
376 Mobile APK
Get free mobile apps, tools and mobile games.
Mobile APK Nafas Wali 5 27 202.6k
377 Dtechsavvy
Tech updates, tips and tricks, and opinions.
Dtechsavvy Daniyal Mustafa... 5 5 N.A
378 Hindime4u
HindiMe4u.Net – हिंदी में जानकारी
Hindime4u Raj 5 7 3.1M
379 Techie Vechie
Technology meets simplicity
Techie Vechie Manish Shanbhag 5 5 N.A
380 Sonnet's Blog
Learn - Share & Explore new Technology.
Sonnet Injamamul Haque... 5 11 7.7M
381 SocialMirror
Just a Change
SocialMirror Suraj Thakur 5 12 2.7M
382 Technical Harshraj
Learn about online marketing
Technical Harshraj Technical Harsh... 5 17 N.A
383 Techitcs
Let's Find The Best Tech Together
Techitcs Vishal @techitc... 5 13 N.A
384 Freeanky
All about viral articles
Freeanky ANKIT SHARMA 5 13 N.A
385 digi solution
digi solution
digi solution Parmeshwar 5 17 N.A
386 mytechyguide
best products for you
mytechyguide Mytechyguide 5 4 4.6M
387 Marathi Social
Analyse, Understand and Share The Information
Marathi Social Marathi Social 5 10 6.7M
388 nextsellphone
On nextsellphone you can find phone specifications
nextsellphone Vashim Ahmad 5 7 N.A
389 Androtricks
A way of Ethical Hacking
Androtricks Andro 5 22 1.9M
390 Vvs Trickers
Destination Of Tech,Blogging And Internet Tricks.
Vvs Trickers Vivek Yadav 5 13 N.A
391 Great-gab
Be Here Now
Great-gab Sohag 5 14 N.A
392 60fps
Latest News About Technology And Reviews
60fps Vikas 5 25 708.0k
393 HIndiMeTechy
Learn about new technology in hindi
HIndiMeTechy Akash Nikam 5 6 4.5M
394 Techvihaar इस साइट पर मैं online earning से सं
Techvihaar Sushil Kumar Si... 5 24 1.7M
395 Appreen
Get the Latest Information in One Place.
Appreen Lucy Wilson 5 7 6.4M
396 Growide India Blog
Growide India Blog
Growide India Blog Growide 5 15 2.4M
397 Successbranch
You Can Learn and tech our blog to Completely Tech
Successbranch Manish 5 19 818.9k

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Technology FAQs

If you want to start tech blogging and think about How much do tech bloggers make? So, it’s Different technical bloggers have different incomes coming directly from their blogs because of the difference in their reach and content quality. Popular technical bloggers who have millions of viewers reading their suggestions are earning a good fortune. On the other hand, beginners tend to start earning after a few months of constant efforts and quality content since it takes time to reach more and more audience. In any of the above cases, the quality of the content and genuine reviews remains a constant and the key to popularity.

A Technical blogger is someone who creates content on tech info, tech updates, devices and technical gadgets that are either available in the market or are launched recently. Many people depend on the reviews of technical bloggers related to any new product before purchasing it. As a technical blogger, one holds the responsibility of giving genuine reviews of the product to the audience so they can take a wise decision of whether or not to purchase that particular product. Technical bloggers are extremely passionate about technology and inform the audience about new technology is as and when they occur in the market.

If you want to follow tech blogger for latest tech updates so, there is a huge list of Technical bloggers one should follow to get regular updates on upcoming technological gadgets. One of the most popular technical bloggers in India is 'Technical Guruji'. Technical guruji has a successful YouTube channel and he works solely as a YouTube blogger. His genuine reviews for each and every device as well as budget options make him popular among audiences. Other than him, there are many other bloggers as well in the market who are known for their amazing technical knowledge for devices. These bloggers constantly update debut was about newly launched products.

If you want to start writing in tech blogs and thinking How do I write a tech blog? Before writing a technical blog, one needs to have a great knowledge of technology and has to do a good amount of research related to the product category you are writing about. A technical blog has to be simple yet informative for different reading audiences as most of them do not understand the technical aspects of the product. before an attack global is responsible to remove those barriers and make the audience understand technicalities in a simple manner. Moreover, information and honest reviews are the foremost important things when it comes to writing a blog related to any technology.

There are numerous blogging platforms open for different blogging areas including technical blogs. These blogging platforms offer different facilities to bloggers. However, Indibloghub is one of the most popular platform for Technical bloggers where where they can constantly post about different gadgets as and when they are launched in the market. There are various options for bloggers in this platform when it comes to uploading technical blogs as they bring a good amount of attention from the audience.

There several blogging platforms where you are offered to upload your blog post also offer the bloggers to write their content. Indibloghub is one of such good platform where one gets all what a blogger can expect. This blogging platform is free to use as well and also offers different type of fonts and styling method to create your content attractive in front of the viewers.

Start a blog for free on Indibloghub and this is a vast community of bloggers who come together to create content relevant in the current context. It is a platform offering bloggers to show showcase their talent and benefit from the huge audience base which this platform has. It is a place for different types of bloggers including technical bloggers, fashion bloggers, travel bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, and other different niches. Moreover, it has top bloggers from all over the country who inspire beginners to create creativity which is full of informative content relevant for the audience.

Of course! You can start a blog for free and blogging in 2021 has become extremely comfortable and convenient for beginners. Most of the blogging platforms available on the internet are free to use and offer top-notch services for bloggers. Bloggers have different options and platforms to choose from and after good research, they can decide whichever platform is the most suitable one for them. Blogging platforms offer content management systems for bloggers to create systematic content where they can create different categories for different types of technological areas. For instance, one can have a different category for automobile products and a different one for smartphones and other similar gadgets. The best part about blogging is that it requires almost minimal monetary investment and one can achieve good success only by creativity and a passion for technology.