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Top 50+ Indian Personal Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2021

If you see there are many Personal bloggers out there, how will you decide who to follow? But don’t worry you're so lucky because this is right place! Here you'll find top best 50+ Personal bloggers which is manually verified by authority. Read more...

I am also Personal blogger, and if you want to start your own Personal blogging 2021 just follow them for latest update and learn new ideas and suggestions for start Personal blogging. It's a better opportunity for start career in Personal blogging. In this Personal bloggers list you can see bloggers location, DA, Moz, Alexa Rank.

These Personal bloggers exactly influenced me to get out and start Personal blogging now.

Top 50+ Personal Blogs to follow

# Blogger Name Blog Name DA PA Location
1 A Rose is a Rose is a Rose! Shilpa Garg A Rose is a Rose is a Rose!
Things are as they are, not as they should be!
33 44 Jaipur
2 Invajy Jyoti Kundnani Invajy
Self improvement, Personal growth & Self Help blog
24 31 Kota
3 Trablogger Jithin S Trablogger
Live the travel life
23 33 Kannur
4 Tiger Blog Uday Patel Tiger Blog
Read About Tiger Safari and Conservation
21 26 Jabalpur
5 Educated Unemployed Indian Binita Educated Unemployed Indian
Tryin 2 benefit from education & from unemployment
20 26 Guwahati
6 saveftp Saurabh Verma saveftp
Defines save, future, time, period for Society
19 26 Fatehpur
7 Pragun's Blogazine Pragun Pragun's Blogazine
A PanchTatwa Blogazine by an Eco-Mom.
18 33 Nilgiris
8 Indian Wildlife Blog Uday Patel Indian Wildlife Blog
Bog on Indian Wildlife
17 18 Jabalpur
9 Traxplorers Supriya Bhardwa... Traxplorers
Travellers & Explorers Blog (Travelling Family)
17 32 Amritsar
10 Infinite Sea Of Opportunties Anant Chetan Infinite Sea Of Opportunties
Indian Blog
16 21 Noida
11 Reema's Garden Reema Gopalan Reema's Garden
Gardening Simplified
14 24 Pune
12 Cerebrations Tomichan Mathei... Cerebrations
Matheikal's Blog
14 33 Thodupuzha
13 Ulooktimes सुशील कुमार जोश... Ulooktimes
Something nothing type Gossips about issues
14 34 Almora
14 MyAspiringHope Deepika Mishra MyAspiringHope
Personal blog
13 28 Ahmedabad
15 Musings Rakhi Jayashank... Musings
What traversed the realm of thoughts
12 30 Cochin
16 Vartika's blog Vartika goyal Vartika's blog
Live in the moment
12 26 Pune
17 Roshandaan Narender Singh Roshandaan
Indian Culture
12 28 Delhi
18 A Few Handpicked Things Ranjini S A Few Handpicked Things
The blog deals with myriad topics
11 29 Bangalore
19 Biddrup Biddrup Mallick Biddrup
Logic Comes from Another
11 21
20 Adarsh Badri Adarsh Badri Adarsh Badri
Debating Political Philosophy and Society
11 15 Delhi
21 Engram's Random Rambling R Ramesh Engram's Random Rambling
Blog about anything and everything
10 18 Chennai
22 The Lost Lander Hitha Nanjappa The Lost Lander
Traveling through places and time
10 17 Bangalore
एक नई दिशा ! - बदलाव की दिशा में एक सार्थक पहल...
9 3 Lucknow
24 Undaunted girl Aakansha Dhingr... Undaunted girl
It's about all of us!
8 15 Delhi
25 A little this and that Swapna Gandhi A little this and that
An eclectic mix of fun things
8 15 Mumbai
26 Destinationbucket Jayendra Patil Destinationbucket
Let's Spread The Knowledge
8 23 Mumbai
27 Sumit's Blog Sumit Chakrabor... Sumit's Blog
Tech, Design and Law - odd one out
8 10 Delhi
28 My smile world blog Dhanashri Kaje My smile world blog
हा माझा वयक्तीक ब्लॅाग आहे बघा आवडतो का
8 11 Aurangabad
29 A Mumbai Perspective Sunita Rajwade A Mumbai Perspective
Views, News and Reviews you could use
7 20 Mumbai
30 Being Rubitah Rubitah Abraham... Being Rubitah
Life. Passion. Happiness
6 17 Delhi
31 Tangy tomato twist Rani Unnithan Tangy tomato twist
Short stories and poems with a twist
5 8 Bangalore
32 Exploring World Indu Exploring World
A tale of my inner expressions to world Philosophy
5 8 Howrah

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