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List of Popular Ludhiana Blogs

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List of Best Ludhiana Based Blogs To Follow In 2021

# Blog Name Blogger Name DA PA Alexa Rank Niche
1 Mommy to my son
Parenting/ lifestyle blogger
Mommy to my son Neha Arjun Bhal... 13 18 N.A Lifestyle
2 Meraki health
Learn to stay healthy and live happy
Meraki health Sumer Madaan 11 36 1.9M Fitness
3 My Travel Story
A blog about my travel experiences.
My Travel Story Parveen Dua 10 19 N.A Lifestyle
4 Lifemarbles
Discover your best self
Lifemarbles Aurora M 8 18 1.2M Poetry
5 Thus I Read a Book
Book Reviews in Non-Fiction & self-publishing
Thus I Read a Book Sumir Sharma 8 16 N.A Book
6 Dictionary of History of India
Indian Terms, concepts, events and personalities
Dictionary of History of India Sumir Sharma 5 16 5.8M Education
7 Author Sumir
Information on writing activities of the author
Author Sumir Sumir Sharma 4 8 N.A Book