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Top 50+ Indian Lifestyle Blogs, Websites & Influencers in 2021

What are lifestyle bloggers and what is lifestyle blogging all about? Lifestyle blogging is about creating creative content related to different parameters of one's life. It is all about expressing one's lifestyle through a sense of creativity and personal style. There are many successful lifestyle bloggers who are living a luxurious life and are now recognized as celebrities with lifestyle blogs of their own. Lifestyle blogging has a good scope of earning if you have a good imagination as well as creativity to present different aspects of your life in a presentable and attractive manner. Read more...

Many luxury lifestyle bloggers are able to earn millions through their blogs with the help of brand promotions and their signature aesthetics sense. Lifestyle Blogging is not just about textual content but is also about visual art which is clearly represented by many lifestyle bloggers on Instagram. The blogging industry is full of enthusiastic young lifestyle bloggers and many of them are successful as well. Even in 2021, the blogging industry is still very much relevant and is not going down anytime soon. You can also become a successful lifestyle blogger will a good amount of hard work and a signature style of yours which makes you stand out of the crowd. 

Top 50+ Lifestyle Blogs to follow

# Blogger Name Blog Name DA PA Location
1 MyBeautyGym Vijay Diwakar MyBeautyGym
It's All About You - Your Health, Beauty & Fitness
74 45 Ahmedabad
2 Find My Lifestyle Find My Lifesty... Find My Lifestyle
Truly Find Your Focus In Life
65 25 Luhans’ke
3 Derek Time Hardik Patel Derek Time
Latest Tips for Business, Technology, Lifestyle
64 47 Ahmedabad
4 Blogsikka Snehalata Jain Blogsikka
Travel mom blogger
64 39 Mumbai
5 DailyJag Shashank Agarwa... DailyJag
Read Everything Interesting
60 42 Bangalore
6 Buddymantra Amit Kumar Buddymantra
Where imigination get words
57 44 Ranchi
7 ZestVine Zestvine ZestVine
Travel, Entertainment & Lifestyle
56 36 Delhi
8 HealthAndHealthier Rituraj Pramani... HealthAndHealthier
HealthAndHealthier is the supply for being healthy
56 6 Kolkata
9 TheBlogspost Vinod TheBlogspost
Discover fresh lifestyle content
55 33 Delhi
The Informative E-Magazine
53 36 North Tripura
11 Fashionablefoodz Utpal Khot Fashionablefoodz
Everything about Food, Travel,Fitness & Fashion.
52 39 Mumbai
12 GetSetHappy Get Set Happy GetSetHappy
A Lifestyle Mag that has something for Everyone
52 39 Delhi
13 Updated Ideas Adam Clark Updated Ideas
Let's Discover Great Ideas
43 36 Sharjah
14 Naaree Priya Florence... Naaree
Indian Women's Magazine
40 49 Pune
15 Magazines World Vinod Saini Magazines World
A Magazine Blog for News and Informations
39 41 Delhi
16 Zigverve Kishor Kumar Zigverve
Health & lifestyle blog
37 40 Delhi
17 Travtasy Kalyan Panja Travtasy
Travel, Food and Lifestyle Blog by Kalyan
36 43 Kolkata
18 Caleidoscope Geetha M B Caleidoscope
Indian Art, Culture and Lifestyle
36 38 Bangalore
19 Baggout Anu Jain Baggout
Magazine for today's women and girls
35 42 Delhi
20 Trionds Pankaj Sharma Trionds
Write for Us Technology
33 42 Noida
21 My Travelogue by Bhushavali Bhushavali N My Travelogue by Bhushavali
Travel blog
33 49 Chennai
22 Humor Nation Humor Humor Nation
Make The World Smile
33 37 Bhopal
23 Kitchen of Debjani Debjani Chatter... Kitchen of Debjani
A food blog run by a bong financial analyst mom!
32 37 Kolkata
24 Kohl Eyed Me Shalini R Kohl Eyed Me
A Travel Lifestyle Blog
31 38 Pithoragarh
25 AllGudThings Suruchi Mittal AllGudThings
Travel & Lifestyle Blog
31 38
26 Pebble In The Still Waters Jaideep Khanduj... Pebble In The Still Waters
Lifestyle Books Food Travel Tech
30 31 Delhi
27 My Sweet Nothings Vasantha Vivek My Sweet Nothings
Parenting Rants & Mindfulness Journey
30 36 Tirunelveli
28 Trabeauli Vinita Chaturve... Trabeauli
Best Beauty Lifestyle Blog
30 37 Indore
29 Nomadic Foot Danish Akhtar Nomadic Foot
Get up & Go
30 33 Delhi
30 Sirimiri Mayuri Nidigall... Sirimiri
The Lifestyle Blogazine
28 38 Chennai
31 Makeup Review & Beauty Blog Jayshree Bhagat Makeup Review & Beauty Blog
Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Blog
28 37 Mumbai
32 Masalaa News Pawan Kashyap Masalaa News
Lifestyle, Travel, Bollywood News
28 34 Amritsar
33 The Pink Velvet Blog Niharika Verma The Pink Velvet Blog
Beauty, Skincare, and Makeup
28 37 Noida
34 Morning Lazziness Shruti Sood Morning Lazziness
A Guide To Relationship & Love
27 34 Delhi
35 All About The Woman Dr Bushra Naush... All About The Woman
Health & Lifestyle Blog
26 36 Delhi
36 zarahatkeblog Manisha Garg zarahatkeblog
Its about my thoughts, lifestyle, fashion
26 36 Mumbai
Get health information to stay fit, happy and heal
26 36 Kolkata
38 Amina Creations Amina Khaleel Amina Creations
Dresses, recipes, reviews, crafts and more
26 29 Chennai
39 Keep Smiling Ila Varma Keep Smiling
My Observations
25 31 Patna
40 Kreativemommy Deepa Gandhi Kreativemommy
A lifestyle and mommy blog
25 40 Bangalore
41 Travelogue Connect Aditi Kapoor Ma... Travelogue Connect
Travel & Lifestyle Blog of an Indian Couple
25 29 Mumbai
42 Succulent City Roger Bells Succulent City
The Largest Community of Succulent Lovers
24 39
43 Tina Basu Tina Basu Tina Basu
Its about being real and not perfect
24 39 Bangalore
44 Instatravelstyle Sumit Sharma Instatravelstyle
Instant Travel, Lifestyle and Culture
24 32 Gurgaon
45 MySoulTravels Pujarini Mitra MySoulTravels
Luxury Travel and Lifestyle website
24 35 Bangalore
46 Dr Workout Dr Workout Dr Workout
Ultimate fitness resource
24 35 Kozhikode
47 AniCow Anirudh Choudhu... AniCow
Internet's popular hindi eMagazine
24 40 Kolkata
48 Travelmynation Archana Bora Travelmynation
The world is our home!
23 25 Bangalore
49 Mommy Tincture Anupriya Gupta Mommy Tincture
A moms life churned into a blog
23 37 Kolkata
50 Digitalsumit Sumit Sharma Digitalsumit
Digital Marketer, Travel & LifeStyle Blogger
23 28 Gurgaon
51 Healthiz Urvashi Tulsiya... Healthiz
Healthy Living and Lifestyle Channel for Women
23 30 Ahmedabad
52 Trablogger Jithin S Trablogger
Live the travel life
23 33 Kannur
53 That Grateful Soul Sweety Joshi That Grateful Soul
Positive Vibes and Lifestyle Blog
23 29 Udaipur
54 Beauty & Beyond Jhilmil D Saha Beauty & Beyond
Lifestyle, beauty, personal experiences
23 35 Mumbai
55 Did u Know Online Ranjeet Kashyap Did u Know Online
Read Something New
23 33 Delhi
56 Vs Little World Vs Little World Vs Little World
Food, Lifestyle, Travel Blog
23 33 Nashik
57 The Life Hype Mariyam Abid The Life Hype
Lifestyle, Fitness, Food, Entertainment, Reviews
23 34 Delhi
58 Vagabond Stories Nikita Das Vagabond Stories
Travel, food , inspirational
23 28 Delhi
59 TattoosEra Bhupendra Chah... TattoosEra
Tattoos Design and Ideas Blog
23 35 Delhi
60 Sayeri Diary Sayeri Bhattach... Sayeri Diary
A Trend To Follow & A Style To Love
23 35 Kolkata
61 Love With Travel Love With Trave... Love With Travel
A couple travel blog exploring the world with love
23 26 Ahmedabad
62 The Beautyholic Mariyam Abid The Beautyholic
Beauty, lifestyle and fashion
22 40 Delhi
63 Womenlite Divyanka Krsna Womenlite
Be the best of you
22 36 Delhi
64 When The Muse Strikes! Rahul Prabhakar When The Muse Strikes!
One of India's top lifestyle blogs
22 30 Gurgaon
65 Gleefulblogger Dipika Singh Gleefulblogger
A Lifestyle Blog - candid place for you & me
22 39 Mumbai
66 Pratsmusings Pratibha P Pratsmusings
Eco-friendly and Green living blogging
22 37 Pune
67 Relax-N-Rave Kala Ravi Relax-N-Rave
Always expect the unexpected at Relax-N-Rave.
21 30 Mumbai
68 Life Tips Pro Suryateja Life Tips Pro
We Make Your Life Better
21 32 Hyderabad
69 SweetAnnu Anahita Irani SweetAnnu
My blog is a reflection of my life.
21 37 Mumbai
70 Fairytale Studios Fairytale Studi... Fairytale Studios
Photography | Travel | Blog
21 38 Hyderabad
71 Celebrity Fashion Blog Muhammad Aamir Celebrity Fashion Blog
Fashion blog exploding with must see styles
21 38
72 Daily Trends Aditi Sharma Daily Trends
Latest trending tips in hindi
21 28 Faridabad
73 LifestylesGO Lifestylesgo LifestylesGO
All about Lifestyle, tech & health..
21 24 Hyderabad
74  Dream Apartment Myatz Dream Apartment
Home improvement and apartment decoration blog
21 36 Masfout
75 Style Over Coffee Sarmistha Goswa... Style Over Coffee
A Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle Blog from India
21 39 Guwahati
76 Booxoul Neelam Apoorv Booxoul
Everything bookish and some Lifestyle musings!
21 22 Mumbai
77 A Traveller's Wish List Ambica Gulati A Traveller's Wish List
All about travel, environment & Lifestyle
20 31 Noida
Psychology, Mental Health, Personality
20 24 Hyderabad
79 Nikki's talk Nikhila Nikki's talk
20 28 Vijayawada
80 Information For Families Alice R. Henson Information For Families
All about information for families
20 17 Reef Al Fujairah City
81 TrendToFit Srishti Gupta TrendToFit
Get In, Get Fit & Get On With Life
20 33 Bareilly
82 Krazy Butterfly Veidehi Gite Krazy Butterfly
Hell Yeah! Give Me My Wings
20 39 Mumbai
83 BoldBlush Krati Agarwal BoldBlush
Fashion, Lifestyle and Motivation
20 28 Pune
84 Pretty Mumma Says Surbhi Mahobia Pretty Mumma Says
Pretty Much About Everything
20 30 Noida
85 Munni of all Trades Khushboo Motiha... Munni of all Trades
Travel and lifestyle blog
20 39 Mumbai
86 Thefitmantra Chirag Chenwani Thefitmantra
Best health platform for all the health problems
19 28 Agra
87 Khadija Beauty Khadija Khadija Beauty
Indian Beauty, Makeup & Lifestyle blog
19 38 Salem
88 Boomerang Moments Aslam khan Boomerang Moments
Visual Story teller. Roll back memoirs
19 29 Dibrugarh
89 Skincare Villa Sonali Skincare Villa
Beauty Blog for Skincare and Product reviews
19 35 Bangalore
90 Ritiriwaz Ritiriwaz Ritiriwaz
India Culture
19 32 Chandigarh
91 Lance Quadras Lancelot Quadra... Lance Quadras
A Lifestyle, Travel & Food Blog with a hint of ME!
19 31 Mumbai
92 Saba Relishingrascal Scribbles Saba Ladha Saba Relishingrascal Scribbles
Everything about life in the most creative way!
19 30 Mumbai
93 Ms Tantrum Blog Ashh Akanksha Ms Tantrum Blog
Beauty & Fashion
18 36 Delhi
94 DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter Diaryofaninsane... DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter
Blogzine for Modern Readers
18 34 Mumbai
95 Road Trips Karthik Prabhu Road Trips
Attempt to portray the rich heritage of India
18 23 Bangalore
96 Life Retailers Amit Sharma Life Retailers
Live Happy & Healthy Life
18 33 Mandi
97 Pragun's Blogazine Pragun Pragun's Blogazine
A PanchTatwa Blogazine by an Eco-Mom.
18 33 Nilgiris
98 Beautifully Me Clara Gomes Beautifully Me
Lifestyle Blog
18 38 Kolkata
99 Shaandaar Jenie Jenifer Sayyed Shaandaar Jenie
All that Matters
18 34 Delhi
100 Xclusive Fashion Meets Lifestyle Ritu Sharma Xclusive Fashion Meets Lifestyle
A platform about lifestyle and fashion blogger.
18 36 Vadodara
101 Wealth and Wellness Gautham Jeevan Wealth and Wellness
Healthy lifestyle and self improvement blog
17 26 Thiruvananthapuram
102 Flavorsofworld Priyanka Patwar... Flavorsofworld
Public Library
17 34 Kolkata
103 The Fashion and City Swarupa The Fashion and City
The Online Style Magazine
17 32 Mumbai
104 All Information Den Khushbu All Information Den
Blog helps to stay updated with latest information
17 18 Ahmedabad
105 Delhiblogger Preety Tiwari Delhiblogger
A lifestyle and parenting blog
17 32 Delhi
106 Map Camera Travel Krupa Nagda Map Camera Travel
Making Memories around the world
17 26 Mumbai
107 Shreemayeesdiary Shreemayee Chat... Shreemayeesdiary
Best of Beauty, Fashion and Food reviews
17 48 Calcutta
108 SpeakingAloud Priyanka Bhatta... SpeakingAloud
Explore Food, Travel & Better Lifestyle with us.
17 25 Delhi
A blog with many posts on different subjects
17 24 Chennai
110 Indian Budget Beauty Trishna Das Indian Budget Beauty
Makeup & Beauty on a budget
17 29 Guwahati
111 Panoramic Ripples Aditi Kapur Panoramic Ripples
What Makes me Different
17 33 Faridabad
112 Jewellerista Sameer Mehta Jewellerista
All You Need To Know About Jewellery
17 32 Hyderabad
113 CommonCelebrity Manu Arora CommonCelebrity
Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable
16 37 Delhi
114 Ikreate Passions Aditi Malhotra Ikreate Passions
Travel and Lifestyle Blog
16 33 Delhi
115 Good Travel World Shruti Sood Good Travel World
Good Travel World is a multi-niche blog
16 27 Delhi
116 Parilifestyle Priyal Poddar Parilifestyle
Exploring via Pari's eyes
16 33 Guwahati
117 Misfit Wanderers Vipin Gaur Misfit Wanderers
Redefining Travel
16 26 Lucknow
118 Wayfarer's Corner Bikram Chakrabo... Wayfarer's Corner
Travel Blog
15 25 Mangalore
119 Love Status Romance Chandan Sarma Love Status Romance
Love Status Romance
15 29
120 Nimsstylefile Bharat Chemical... Nimsstylefile
Fashion and Lifestyle Blog
15 28 Delhi
121 The Bloggers Diary Sudiip Saha The Bloggers Diary
The Diary of a Blogger
15 33 Kolkata
122 WANDER BIRD Santwona Patnai... WANDER BIRD
Crafting memories all over the world
15 24 Bhubaneswar
123 Candid Opinions Amit Kumar Candid Opinions
Lifestyle, Finance, Entertainment, Technology
15 32 Delhi
124 Teaching Men's Lifestyle Waleed Hassan S... Teaching Men's Lifestyle
Men's Fashion & Style, Men's Fitness & Health
15 25 Rustaq
125 The Foodie Tales Nitin Hajela The Foodie Tales
Lifestyle , Food & Travel
15 24 Bangalore
126 Alive n Kicking Shilpa Bindlish Alive n Kicking
lifestyle blog by a mommy
15 25 Chandigarh
127 Vartikas Diary Vartika Mehrotr... Vartikas Diary
Let the heart speak
14 34 Gurgaon
128 Blogaberry Cindy D'si... Blogaberry
A woman's world
14 32 Bangalore
129 Cafewhiz kushal Cafewhiz
Intentional Parenting Family Health Lifestyle
14 29 Delhi
130 Cosmetics Arena Soma Banik Cosmetics Arena
The Best Blog to Know the Ingredients of Cosmetics
14 31 Kolkata
131 VRAG Varsha Nitin Go... VRAG
Vigorous Radiant & Glowing
14 33 Pune
132 Women Community Online Amisha Women Community Online
One-stop blog for all things related to women
14 34 Ahmedabad
133 INNLIVE Dr. Shelly Ahme... INNLIVE
Indian News Blog
14 25 Hyderabad
134 Prismaroundgurjeet Gurjeet Chhabra Prismaroundgurjeet
LIfestyle blog - colour of all life
14 36 Delhi
135 mytechsoftreview Neetu Kapoor mytechsoftreview
Latest tech trends,tips, tech news ,u wl find here
14 16
136 Pretty watermark Pallavi Waterma... Pretty watermark
Lifestyle & Parenting blog
14 30 Delhi
137 Mommy to my son Neha Arjun Bhal... Mommy to my son
Parenting/ lifestyle blogger
13 18 Ludhiana
138 Surbhi's crazy Surbhi Prapanna Surbhi's crazy
Momming conversation with health wisdom
13 34 Nagpur
139 Lifestyle Fame Lifestyle Fame Lifestyle Fame
The World Through Her Eyes
13 25 Delhi
140 Zigreads Kishor Kumar Zigreads
Lifestyle, trends and you
13 31 Delhi
141 MomsCove Meghalee Nath MomsCove
Pets | Parenting | Positivity
13 26 Shillong
142 Life Of A Mother Ekta Life Of A Mother
I talk about positivity!
13 21 Pune
143 Tanmoy Biswas Tanmoy Biswas Tanmoy Biswas
A Telecom Engineer's life, backpacking stories
13 30 Kolkata
144 Hackytips Sanjota Purohit Hackytips
Beauty | Travel | Food | Cooking | Entertainment
13 37 Bangalore
145 Yogic Wellness Secrets Anima Sur Yogic Wellness Secrets
Health Wellness and Fitness Tips and Tutorials
13 25 Kolkata
146 Little Duniya Supriya Harshul... Little Duniya
World of You & I
13 34 Mumbai
147 Silent Whispers Madhurima Silent Whispers
Silent Whispers is a lifestyle blog from Guwahati
12 17 Guwahati
148 Bohemian Bibliophile Ritu Bindra Bohemian Bibliophile
Books, Book Reviews, Food, and Random Ramblings
12 32 Noida
149 Experience Northeast India Agni Amrita Experience Northeast India
Travel, Tribes, Culture & Cuisine
12 19 Kolkata
150 The Contemplation of a Joker Manas Mukul The Contemplation of a Joker
It is a lifestyle and a travel blog
12 29 Delhi
151 Sarah's Princess Collection Smriti Divvya B... Sarah's Princess Collection
Beautiful Things fora Beautiful You!
12 22 Guwahati
152 Gifthem Brown Satg Gifthem
FInd the best gift ideas for your loved ones
12 26 Delhi
153 Healthoduct Surbhi Sharma Healthoduct
Health and fitness blog
12 25 Mumbai
154 FabZania Supriya Harshul... FabZania
Entertainment | Food | Travel | Lifestyle
12 26 Mumbai
155 Discover Vibe Sudhir Dwiwedi Discover Vibe
Discover lifestyle, trend, religion, Money,Gadgets
12 29 Delhi
156 My name is Musafir Rakesh Kumar My name is Musafir
No Home, No Destination
12 26 Mumbai
157 Musings Rakhi Jayashank... Musings
What traversed the realm of thoughts
12 30 Cochin
158 Yatrasblog Gayathri Sharma Yatrasblog
A guide to wonderful yatras
12 28 Hyderabad
159 Be Expensive Sandeep Be Expensive
make yourself Valuable
12 29
160 Creative Lifestar Humaira Sadaf Creative Lifestar
12 32 Delhi
161 Madras Ponnu Blog Madras Ponnu Madras Ponnu Blog
The pandemonium that is life, of a ponnu in madras
11 14 Chennai
162 Spice Slice Bite Ankita Banerjee Spice Slice Bite
Exploring luxurious tastes in food or lifestyle
11 21 Delhi
163 SanjayGram Sanjay Gram SanjayGram
Hindi Blog
11 21 Delhi
164 A Few Handpicked Things Ranjini S A Few Handpicked Things
The blog deals with myriad topics
11 29 Bangalore
165 PrideInWear Trapti Gupta PrideInWear
Style Defines Personality
11 29 Bareilly
166 That Madras mom Sindhu Vinod Na... That Madras mom
Parenting, lifestyle , Skincare, book reviews
11 25 Chennai
167 Footidea Parwinder Kaler Footidea
Foot Idea - Give The Best and Avoid The Stress
11 36
168 Decor Gully Ape Decor Gully
Evergreen Interior Solutions
11 16 Noida
169 MywordsMywisdom Ujjwal Mishra MywordsMywisdom
Lifestyle blog
10 26 Noida
170 pinkstea Pinks Tea pinkstea
health and lifestyle blog
10 29 Delhi
171 LifestyleSimplify Anupam Karan LifestyleSimplify
The Online Magazine That Suits Men & Women
10 36 Kolkata
172 Flawsome Felishia Felicia Nazaret... Flawsome Felishia
A creative corner with the best content.
10 26 Mumbai
173 My Travel Story Parveen Dua My Travel Story
A blog about my travel experiences.
10 19 Ludhiana
174 CurexWing Prakhar Kasera CurexWing
A luxury and lifestyle blog
10 23 Kanpur
175 Jaipur Stuff Jaipur Stuff Jaipur Stuff
Get all the information and updates on Jaipur
10 20 Jaipur
176 Karnatakabest Praveen Chandra... Karnatakabest
Career, Education and Lifestyle blog in Kannada
10 22 Bangalore
177 TheWooMag Himanshi Singh TheWooMag
Top Ezine for women related stories & articles
10 32 Gurgaon
178 Harstuff Travel Manu Khandelwal Harstuff Travel
A blog about Budget and Adventure traveling
10 29 Delhi
179 Palate's Desire Muktha Hs Palate's Desire
A Journey of a Tasty Palate
10 22 Pune
180 The Fit Buddy Pankaj Saini The Fit Buddy
Hindi Health and Fitness Blogger
10 19 Delhi
181 Phillipscom Event Blog Philip Verghese... Phillipscom Event Blog
Christmas Gifts For All
9 22 Hyderabad
182 Feels Like Life Fairytale Studi... Feels Like Life
A Lifestyle Blog
9 15 Hyderabad
183 Petite Chronicles Sandra Raju Petite Chronicles
Fashion | Beauty | Lifestyle | Travel
9 25 Bangalore
184 DesiSoch Deepak Yadav DesiSoch
Tips and Guidance to improve all aspects of life
9 23 Gurgaon
Blogging the Best
9 30 Delhi
186 Jante Hobe Habib Ullah Jante Hobe
Gaining Knowledge, Right Decision, Beautiful Life
9 20 Manama
187 Ask In Hindi Kiran Ask In Hindi
News website
9 24 Haridwar
188 Miss WeirdAndNormal Clementia Dsouz... Miss WeirdAndNormal
A Lifestyle,Finance, Travel, Tech and Food Blog
9 25 Mumbai
189 Modonika Monika Modonika
Lifestyle Blog
8 14 Chandigarh
190 Vandanaspen Vandana Saxena Vandanaspen
Creating Stories & more...
8 14 Delhi
191 See Through Hearts Abdul Mueed See Through Hearts
Personal Development, Psychology and spirituality
8 29 Vijayawada
192 Taaza Tadka Preeti Mishra Taaza Tadka
Logic Troll Information
8 40 Varanasi
193 My Travelling Stilettos Ankita Biswas My Travelling Stilettos
Travel & Food - All you need to know!
8 15 Bengaluru
194 Hayyaa Here Hayyaa Here Hayyaa Here
Travel and Lifestyle Blog
8 23 Mumbai
195 Neerja's Musings Neerja Bhatnaga... Neerja's Musings
It is 2 share my journey and experiences of life .
8 21 Ahmedabad
196 In Search Pasang Dorjee L... In Search
A blog about life, religion and spirituality
7 10 Darjeeling
197 The Trendy Chori Rinu The Trendy Chori
7 8 Mumbai
198 The Saffron Journal Swarnali Nath The Saffron Journal
Tales from a bohemian storyteller
7 24 Kolkata
199 Aditi's Blog Aditi Kapur Aditi's Blog
Exploring dimensions
7 17 Faridabad
200 Crops and Feather Prakhar Kasera Crops and Feather
Just Spirit
7 24 Kanpur
201 The Travel Curry Mithun&shil... The Travel Curry
Travel, photography and lifestyle
7 13 Delhi
202 Life With My Little Star Aswathy Gopalak... Life With My Little Star
A Parenting and Lifestyle Blog
6 24 Kochi
203 Eureka Of Life Pramila Shrivas Eureka Of Life
Health, beauty, fashion and travel blog
6 20 Mumbai
204 Glamorguild Ashish Gupta Glamorguild
Wellness & Lifestyle community
6 5 Kanpur
205 Joy of Korean Vikash Gupta Joy of Korean
An Exciting World Of Everything Korean
6 8 Noida
206 Irrevocably Me Navaneeth Ak Irrevocably Me
Stories. Poems. TV Shows
6 14 Bangalore
207 Being Rubitah Rubitah Abraham... Being Rubitah
Life. Passion. Happiness
6 17 Delhi
208 JewelleryConsult Monu Sharma JewelleryConsult
Guide to choose perfect jewelry
6 12 Hisar
209 BlogeePedia Rashida Dairywa... BlogeePedia
This blog offers my experiences in multiple fields
6 9 Ahmedabad
210 EBJ Chronicles Prakhar Kasera EBJ Chronicles
Eight Bit Journey
6 25 Kanpur
211 Towards a better lifestyle Navita Bhatia Towards a better lifestyle
Towards a better lifestyle, one step at a time.
6 26 Chandigarh
212 Happening Heads Happening Heads Happening Heads
Travel, Food, Fashion, Lifestyle, Tech & More!
6 17 Mumbai
213 HindiToday Deepak Singh HindiToday
Read latest tech news, news and tips and tricks.
6 5 Delhi
214 Shilpa Goel's Blog Shilpa Goel Shilpa Goel's Blog
6 13 Delhi
215 Tracks2Travel Zeeshan Fatmi Tracks2Travel
A Collection of Trip Reports, Top 10 Lists, & More
5 15 Bangalore
216 OneLife Vibhu Gaur OneLife
Lifestyle Blog with a pinch of Randomness !
5 17 Delhi
217 Goniks Travel Goniks Travel Goniks Travel
Travel on the Go
5 16 Jaipur
218 IMK Clothing Ideas Zainab Kapadia IMK Clothing Ideas
5 16 Nagpur
219 Pursuit Of Freedom Online Ajay Kc Pursuit Of Freedom Online
learn to create a life you love & earn income
5 23 Porto

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Lifestyle FAQs

What's a lifestyle blogger? To put it simply, a lifestyle blogger creates content related to his or her life's daily aspects in form of text, images, and videos. This content is posted on multimedia digital platforms. Lifestyle blogging is popular because it connects different people with similar interests and helps them build a community. A lifestyle blogger is committed to creating content inspired by personal interest as well as leisure activities. These blogs are extremely personalized as they revolve around the author's life and experiences. A lifestyle blogger can play an integral role in creating a community that is bonded by common interests.

What are the best lifestyle blogs? at Indibloghub, we are a community of numerous bloggers from different niches one of which is lifestyle blogging. One can explore our website and can find many lifestyle bloggers who are successfully running their blogs the quality content as well as constant consistency.

How do I become a good lifestyle blogger? Becoming a successful lifestyle blogger requires more than just photos and text. It is a journey that requires consistency and constant efforts. To become a lifestyle blogger, you must have good writing skills so that you can attract more and more visitors to your blog. Creating quality content is another challenge for a lifestyle blogger as it requires consistency and learning new stuff. Once you start consistency in creating unique content in your blog you will gain loyal viewers who will desperately wait for your post. In this case, you have to keep your blog updated as even a little absence may lead to a huge loss.

How do I start lifestyle blogging? There are plenty of lifestyle bloggers who are already established in the market so it is best a signature that makes you unique from other players in the industry. Find your inspiration and at least one thing which makes you stand out of the crowd. start working on your writing and photography skills as visual content is always a plus in lifestyle blogging. Moreover, try selecting a particular aesthetic that will make your content have a specific signature of your touch. Beginning my lifestyle blog may seem like a daring task but once you start enjoying it you grow into a better person.

Is it worth blogging in 2020? It is definitely worth blogging in 2020. There is no doubt about that. The blogging industry is dynamic and is reaching heights day by day. Most of the blogging platforms are gaining more and more bloggers these days making this an ever-expanding industry. Moreover, there is a great earning scope in blogging as many brands look forward to promoting their products and services through influencers. Promotion through influencers is a strategic way as they directly interact with the audiences which also provides open lanes for feedbacks.

How much can lifestyle bloggers make? There is not a single answer to this question because blogging is a dynamic platform and different bloggers earn differently. Beginners naturally tend to make fewer bucks as compared to successfully established lifestyle bloggers who have been working for years now. Lifestyle blogging is all about consistent hard work and a desire to create unique content. It is best to stay genuine as a blogger as this quality will attract more followers which will make you more earn more. Successful bloggers can make even 100k per month and there is no limit even after that.

How much do Instagram lifestyle bloggers make? Instagram lifestyle bloggers are known for their aesthetic sense of creativity which is shown in their lifestyle blogging. Posting pictures of daily activities and different aspects of their life. As far as the money is concerned, Instagram lifestyle bloggers earn through promoting different brands and recommending the products to their followers. Just like blogging, Instagram lifestyle bloggers can experience huge differences in making money out of their accounts. The math is simple here, the more the genuine followers a blogger has more money he or she will make out of it.