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List of Best Kolkata Based Blogs To Follow In 2021

# Blog Name Blogger Name DA PA Alexa Rank Niche
1 Khabre Apki
Khabre Apki is India’s Leading हिन्दी न्यूज़ Websi
Khabre Apki Pritam Mallick 63 37 1.3M Entertainment
2 Digital Sushma
Digital Marketing & SEO tips
Digital Sushma Digitalsushma 53 35 549.6k Blogging
3 TextBooq
TextBooq is an educational website
TextBooq Sumantamay Bag 52 34 2.2M Education
4 HealthAndHealthier
HealthAndHealthier is the supply for being healthy
HealthAndHealthier Rituraj Pramani... 52 6 1.1M Lifestyle
5 Beingoptimist
Beingoptimist is an online Tech Blog publication
Beingoptimist Sadique 51 33 415.7k Technology
6 Travtasy
Travel, Food and Lifestyle Blog by Kalyan
Travtasy Kalyan Panja 37 43 495.0k Lifestyle
7 Kitchen of Debjani
A food blog run by a bong financial analyst mom!
Kitchen of Debjani Debjani Chatter... 33 37 217.8k Lifestyle
8 Dds Reviews
It is all about Books & Authors
Dds Reviews Debdatta Dasgup... 32 33 922.5k Book
9 Healthwealthbridge
Health wellness and entrepreneurship for moms .
Healthwealthbridge Dr.amrita Basu 31 43 141.0k Fitness
10 Pikturenama
A travel blog with unusual travel stories
Pikturenama Anindya S Basu 31 39 240.8k Travel
11 CodeSpeedy
A Place Where You Find Solutions In programming
CodeSpeedy Saruque Ahamed... 30 36 32.5k Technology
12 BeautyGlown
Makeup & Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Health, Tips
BeautyGlown Puja Kar 29 34 250.3k Beauty
Get health information to stay fit, happy and heal
HEALTHY and FITNESS Healthyfit07 27 36 1.7M Lifestyle
14 Explore Share Inspire
A Travel, Food and Lifestyle blog from India
Explore Share Inspire Kalyan Panja 26 20 N.A Travel
15 Sohinee Reads & Reviews
Spreading the reading bug since 2017!
Sohinee Reads & Reviews Sohinee Dey 26 31 4.5M Reviews
16 TechARX
Technology Simplified
TechARX Sumon Pathak 26 39 224.1k Technology
17 AniCow
Internet's popular hindi eMagazine
AniCow Anirudh Choudhu... 25 40 837.0k Lifestyle
18 DoiBedouin
The Web Chronicles of Two Bedouins
DoiBedouin Jayashree Sengu... 25 34 2.3M Travel
19 Sonias musings
Words, emotions and pictures
Sonias musings Sonia Chatterje... 23 36 1.3M Book
20 Sayeri Diary
A Trend To Follow & A Style To Love
Sayeri Diary Sayeri Bhattach... 23 35 1.1M Lifestyle
21 Mommy Tincture
A moms life churned into a blog
Mommy Tincture Anupriya Gupta 22 38 1.3M Lifestyle
22 Geeky Gadgets
Gadgets & Tech Review Website
Geeky Gadgets Subhasish Adhik... 19 34 360.7k Technology
23 Cosmetics Arena
The Best Blog to Know the Ingredients of Cosmetics
Cosmetics Arena Soma Banik 18 30 383.1k Lifestyle
24 Beautifully Me
Lifestyle Blog
Beautifully Me Clara Gomes 18 39 1.6M Lifestyle
WordPress Tutorials
IN HINDI HELP Aman Singh 17 32 57.4k Blogging
26 Techqwik
Techtips Quickly
Techqwik Azfar Alam 17 12 365.0k Technology
27 Solution In Hindi
Computer, Mobile & Internet Ki Puri Jankari
Solution In Hindi Md Badiruddin 17 30 1.6M Technology
28 Sahiupchar
सही इलाज सही जगह
Sahiupchar Sayantan Roy 16 27 3.7M Fitness
29 Flavorsofworld
Public Library
Flavorsofworld Priyanka Patwar... 16 34 4.8M Lifestyle
30 The Bloggers Diary
The Diary of a Blogger
The Bloggers Diary Sudiip Saha 15 33 400.7k Lifestyle
31 SS Digital Blog
Latest Tech And Digital Trend With Blogging Funda
SS Digital Blog Soumodeep Sikde... 15 21 631.0k Technology
32 HolidaysTourTravel
Travel Tour Blog
HolidaysTourTravel Sudip Kumar 15 45 1.7M Travel
33 #TechGeek
Hashtag of the future
#TechGeek Rajtilak Bhatta... 14 20 2.3M Technology
34 Gadget Headline
Android News, Apps, Games, Phones, Tips, Reviews
Gadget Headline Subodh Gupta 14 28 2.5M Technology
35 SociablWeb
Socialble & Technology Tips Blog
SociablWeb Sudip Kumar 14 45 3.3M Technology
36 Widebinary
Technology tutorials and updates
Widebinary Sukanta Das 13 18 N.A Technology
37 Tanmoy Biswas
A Telecom Engineer's life, backpacking stories
Tanmoy Biswas Tanmoy Biswas 13 30 N.A Lifestyle
38 MyDreamBlog
Blogging & Digital Marketing, SEO, Travel
MyDreamBlog Sovan Das 11 28 4.8M Travel
39 NomadicMun
Explore the world with me
NomadicMun Moon Ray 11 29 155.0k Travel
40 Digital Marketing Tutorial
Blog Publish All Digital Marketing Related Lesson
Digital Marketing Tutorial Pritam Mallick 11 34 N.A Blogging
41 Elucidate Facts
Blog talks about Product/Movie Reviews & Blogposts
Elucidate Facts Elucidatefacts 11 23 714.2k Reviews
42 Yogic Wellness Secrets
Health Wellness and Fitness Tips and Tutorials
Yogic Wellness Secrets Anima Sur 11 26 3.1M Lifestyle
43 Experience Northeast India
Travel, Tribes, Culture & Cuisine
Experience Northeast India Agni Amrita 11 19 N.A Lifestyle
44 Kuntala’s Travel Blog
A Traveller’s Paradise
Kuntala’s Travel Blog Kuntala Bhattac... 11 34 163.6k Travel
45 LifestyleSimplify
The Online Magazine That Suits Men & Women
LifestyleSimplify Anupam Karan 11 36 562.4k Lifestyle
46 Deb Recipe
Easy Recipes of Food [Step by Step]
Deb Recipe Debashis Barman 11 21 N.A Food
47 Racing Against Time
One day i will defeat Time...
Racing Against Time Jyotirmoy Sarka... 10 24 N.A Education
48 A Wolverine's World
Photography and Travel
A Wolverine Jyotirmoy Sarka... 10 31 5.9M Travel
49 Health Care
Blog Cover Diverse Health Related Product
Health Care Pritam Mallick 10 26 N.A Fitness
Blogging & Digital Marketing Blog
DIGITAL BOUNCER Sachkaro - My D... 10 20 2.4M Blogging
How To Start a Blog For Free
MONEY BLOG Sachkaro - My D... 10 21 1.7M Technology
52 Software Product Sales
Software Product Sales Review
Software Product Sales Pritam Mallick 10 19 N.A Technology
53 Exploretours
My Family travels
Exploretours Supriya Kumar M... 10 26 5.9M Travel
A collection of short stories
THE FLOATING DIARY Prasun Roy 9 14 N.A Poetry
55 GyaanDuniya
Technical, social media tips& tricks, tutorial,
GyaanDuniya Gyaanduniya 9 16 3.8M Technology
56 Labnole
girls WhatsApp Group links
Labnole Masumwb 9 24 274.6k Miscellaneous
57 TheBlissfulbeauty
indian Beauty and lifestyle blog.
TheBlissfulbeauty Sonali 8 19 1.0M Beauty
58 An insatiable Foodie
Restaurant and food review blog
An insatiable Foodie Prateek Agarwal 8 21 N.A Food
This is a step by step and easy to follow guide th
MAKING DIGITAL Sachkaro - My D... 8 18 1.9M Blogging
60 Web Hosting Review
Web hosting reviews of the world's best web hosts
Web Hosting Review Pritam Mallick 8 16 N.A Blogging
61 My India thru' Lenses
A Historical & Cultural Walkthrough of India
My India thru Abhijit Das 8 30 N.A Travel
62 The Saffron Journal
Tales from a bohemian storyteller
The Saffron Journal Swarnali Nath 7 24 2.4M Lifestyle
63 Thetourplans
Thetourplans is one of the premium tour operators
Thetourplans Sushovan Bhowmi... 7 9 840.5k Travel
64 Accounts and Taxation
updated information about tax, health tips
Accounts and Taxation  Gautom Mitra 7 12 N.A Finance
65 Parenting and Child-care
Provides helpful parenting tips and information
Parenting and Child-care Healthyfit07 6 25 7.3M Parenting
66 Rider Escaped
Rider Escaped Travelogue inspire you to travel.
Rider Escaped Arghya Ghosh 6 19 8.6M Travel
67 Anas Siddiki
if you want to learn full information in Hindi abo
Anas Siddiki Blogging4444 6 17 398.0k Technology
68 Sankalpam
For puja with daily updates
Sankalpam Nithya Nathan 5 15 N.A Motivational
69 BollywoodInsiderNews
News Of Bollywood
BollywoodInsiderNews Mohammed Iftikh... 5 15 3.1M Entertainment
A blog about Worldwide Bloggers who are motivating
JIO BLOGGERS Sachkaro - My D... 4 11 1.7M Blogging
71 Making In Dollar
How to earn online in Dollar
Making In Dollar Sachkaro - My D... 4 14 2.2M Blogging
72 Learn Tamil for beginners
Basic Tamil language with letters, words, grammar
Learn Tamil for beginners Nithya Nathan 3 5 N.A Education
Blogging & Digital Marketing Blog
MAKINGDOLLAR Sachkaro - My D... 3 5 5.9M Blogging
BLOGGING VIDYA Sachkaro - My D... 3 5 N.A Blogging
75 Noel Lorenz
Noel Lorenz Blog
Noel Lorenz Abhisek Ghosh 2 11 N.A Book
76 Physics Us
To Discover Reality
Physics Us Souparno Adhika... 2 5 N.A Education
77 Better Life Ideas
This is a blog to motivational blog
Better Life Ideas Ishita Ganguly 1 1 N.A Motivational
78 Techno Sakib
Pure Technology Based Blog
Techno Sakib Sakibur Rahman... 1 16 N.A Technology
79 MakingSpace
for stories of being born into mixed-parentage
MakingSpace Maria Anne Fitz... 1 3 3.8M Lifestyle
80 Modern Breeze
Where the mind is without fear.
Modern Breeze Arpan Ghosh 1 25 2.2M Reviews
81 The bong hippy
A vent for my random scribblings
The bong hippy Poushali Chatte... 1 1 N.A Poetry
82 Mohit Pareek
A finance blog.
Mohit Pareek Mohit Pareek 1 5 N.A Finance
83 b4invests
it guide you for investment to raise profit.
b4invests Manohar Marandi 1 1 N.A Finance
84 How-To Insights
Easy to get how to articles for learing new things
How-To Insights Alok Kumar 1 10 6.1M Blogging
85 Hostel Traveller
Some cool places of India
Hostel Traveller Hostel Travelle... 1 12 N.A Travel
86 Dharma Blog
Spiritual advancement - Sanatan Dharma
Dharma Blog Vinod Singh 1 1 6.8M Motivational