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List of Popular Kanpur Blogs (8)

Manually Verified List of Kanpur based blogs
# Blogger Name Blog Name DA PA Niche
1 TIMEcube Timecube TIMEcube
An Authority Blog for Box Office Collection news
9 21 Entertainment
2 CurexWing Prakhar Kasera CurexWing
A luxury and lifestyle blog
8 24 Lifestyle
3 Tech4uonline Puneet Singh Tech4uonline
Learn and Grow with techuonline
20 31 Technology
4 Crops and Feather Prakhar Kasera Crops and Feather
Just Spirit
7 24 Lifestyle
5 My Hunger Diary Prakhar Kasera My Hunger Diary
EBJ: My Hunger Diary
13 27 Travel
6 yoursystem Ritik yoursystem
Tech Blog
3 26 Technology
7 BookPecker Bookpecker BookPecker
Book Blog
1 1 Book
8 EBJ Chronicles Prakhar Kasera EBJ Chronicles
Eight Bit Journey
6 25 Lifestyle