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100+ Best Health & Fitness Blogs To Follow In 2021

If you see there are many Health & Fitness bloggers out there, how will you decide who to follow? But don’t worry you're so lucky because this is right place! Here you'll find top best 100+ Health & Fitness bloggers which is manually verified by authority. Read more...

I am also Health & Fitness blogger, and if you want to start your own Health & Fitness blogging 2021 just follow them for latest update and learn new ideas and suggestions for start Health & Fitness blogging. It's a better opportunity for start career in Health & Fitness blogging. In this Health & Fitness bloggers list you can see bloggers location, DA, Moz, Alexa Rank.

These Health & Fitness bloggers exactly influenced me to get out and start Health & Fitness blogging now.

# Blog Name Blogger Name DA PA Alexa Rank
1 Tips Clear
Beauty Business Health Tech Travel and General
Tips Clear C Thiruvenkatam 76 53 263.3k
2 MyBeautyGym
It's All About You - Your Health, Beauty & Fitness
MyBeautyGym Vijay Diwakar 75 45 373.4k
3 Know World Now
So many things are happening.
Know World Now Shoumya Chowdhu... 55 37 65.1k
4 HealthAndHealthier
HealthAndHealthier is the supply for being healthy
HealthAndHealthier Rituraj Pramani... 52 6 1.1M
5 Propisk
Trending topics, news and articles
Propisk Rahul Mehra 52 33 2.4M
6 Energetic Reads
Health and Wellness
Energetic Reads Energetic Reads 51 34 1.4M
7 Godofsmallthing
We have a bit of everything for you.
Godofsmallthing Garima Tomar 45 28 402.3k
8 SOSO Active
SoSoActive is an interactive media company
SOSO Active Chandan Singh 42 38 470.2k
9 Thehindiguide
A Complete Information Hub
Thehindiguide Arun Sharma 41 31 1.2M
10 Mom News Daily
Parenting Blogs to help women's worldwide
Mom News Daily Manish 40 32 250.7k
11 Zigverve
Health & lifestyle blog
Zigverve Kishor Kumar 36 41 376.6k
12 YourMedGuide
Be healthy, be happy
YourMedGuide Vidya Sury 34 37 433.0k
13 Jhakas
Yaha Sab Kuch Hai Jhakas
Jhakas Amit Tyagi 33 34 205.6k
14 Healthwealthbridge
Health wellness and entrepreneurship for moms .
Healthwealthbridge Dr.amrita Basu 31 43 141.0k
15 Teach Workout Love
A Blogging Community for Working Moms
Teach Workout Love Teach Workout L... 30 39 213.7k
16 Hindi Sign
Health And Fitness Website
Hindi Sign Kunal Kumar 30 39 6.9M
17 BeautyGlown
Makeup & Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Health, Tips
BeautyGlown Puja Kar 29 34 250.3k
18 All About The Woman
Health & Lifestyle Blog
All About The Woman Dr Bushra Naush... 27 37 318.5k
Get health information to stay fit, happy and heal
HEALTHY and FITNESS Healthyfit07 27 36 1.7M
20 Healtholine
Latest Health, Health, Fitness, Dental New Online
Healtholine Caitlyn Bell 26 34 440.2k
21 Gleefulblogger
A Lifestyle Blog - candid place for you & me
Gleefulblogger Dipika Singh 26 40 174.0k
22 Diabetes Knowledge
Diabetes knowledge, exercise and nutrition
Diabetes Knowledge Diabetesknow 25 34 2.0M
23 Metanoia
Inspiring change.
Metanoia Shilpa Gupte 25 37 2.0M
24 AniCow
Internet's popular hindi eMagazine
AniCow Anirudh Choudhu... 25 40 837.0k
25 Hrelate
Hrelate Hrelate 24 44 1.9M
26 Dr Workout
Ultimate fitness resource
Dr Workout Dr Workout 24 35 586.0k
27 The Life Hype
Lifestyle, Fitness, Food, Entertainment, Reviews
The Life Hype Mariyam Abid 24 34 2.1M
28 Womenlite
Be the best of you
Womenlite Divyanka Krsna 23 36 550.7k
29 TrendToFit
Get In, Get Fit & Get On With Life
TrendToFit Srishti Gupta 23 33 215.8k
30 Did u Know Online
Read Something New
Did u Know Online Ranjeet Kashyap 23 33 1.1M
31 WLP Free Trials
Health, Beauty & Fashion Blog 2020
WLP Free Trials Naman Sharma 23 45 N.A
32 ScienceandSamosa
Everything about health and education with a dose
ScienceandSamosa Hena Jose 23 35 1.9M
33 worldtopthing
All about top things of world
worldtopthing Phrona Brown 23 22 798.7k
34 That Grateful Soul
Positive Vibes and Lifestyle Blog
That Grateful Soul Sweety Joshi 23 27 836.0k
35 Daily Trends
Latest trending tips in hindi
Daily Trends Aditi Sharma 22 28 2.9M
36 Healthcare Insides
Providing Healthcare Information
Healthcare Insides Madhvi Sharma 22 37 2.2M
37 LifestylesGO
All about Lifestyle, tech & health..
LifestylesGO Lifestylesgo 22 29 1.0M
38 Healthiz
Healthy Living and Lifestyle Channel for Women
Healthiz Urvashi Tulsiya... 22 32 1.3M
Psychology, Mental Health, Personality
PSYCHSIDE Nikhil Parihar 21 23 1.5M
40 Sweat Master
Fitness, exercise, sweating, mental fitness, gyms
Sweat Master Neena K 21 27 N.A
Don't miss anything
LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL Dinesh 20 29 1.8M
42 Hindi health point
Hindi चिकित्सा
Hindi health point Dr Jith Tho 20 23 3.7M
43 Mahevash Muses
For Unconventional Souls
Mahevash Muses Mahevash Shaikh 19 34 1.6M
44 Knowledge World
All Information In Hindi
Knowledge World Sunil Kumar 19 30 1.3M
45 Expert Previews
Judge Before Touch
Expert Previews Md Redoy Hossai... 19 40 626.1k
46 Shaandaar Jenie
All that Matters
Shaandaar Jenie Jenifer Sayyed 19 34 531.2k
47 TheFastr
Inspired Blogging
TheFastr Aryan Joshi 19 28 542.6k
48 Healthystic
Uplifting people to live a healthier life
Healthystic Abhishek Shankh... 18 30 439.7k
49 Stretch Marks Authority
Best Stretch Marks Removal Cream | Treatments
Stretch Marks Authority Mikkel Woodsse 18 26 N.A
50 Pregapillow
We review Best Pregnancy Pillow
Pregapillow Alina Joseph 18 17 8.5M
51 My Smile Doctors
Emergency Dental Treatment By Dentist Parramatta
My Smile Doctors Dr. Navdeep Dhi... 18 18 3.6M
52 Life Retailers
Live Happy & Healthy Life
Life Retailers Amit Sharma 18 33 1.3M
53 The Scientific World
Let's hava a moment of science
The Scientific World Mahtab Alam Qud... 18 27 732.7k
54 Thefitmantra
Best health platform for all the health problems
Thefitmantra Chirag Chenwani 18 27 6.6M
55 Sanity Daily
Mental Health Blog
Sanity Daily Priyanka Nair 18 28 125.5k
56 Teaching Men's Lifestyle
Men's Fashion & Style, Men's Fitness & Health
Teaching Men Waleed Hassan S... 17 25 3.1M
A blog with many posts on different subjects
KNOWLEDGE SHARING S.v.sai Baba 17 25 6.4M
58 Wealth and Wellness
Healthy lifestyle and self improvement blog
Wealth and Wellness Gautham Jeevan 17 26 2.6M
blog a health fitness wellness and woman interest
DGS HEALTH Dgs Health 17 26 N.A
60 Health on Herbs
Let's cure by natures
Health on Herbs Hanish Kumar 16 17 5.3M
61 All About Calories
MY blog is about calories , calories ideas etc
All About Calories Qasim Butt 16 21 N.A
62 Sahiupchar
सही इलाज सही जगह
Sahiupchar Sayantan Roy 16 27 3.7M
63 Every Little Things
This blog is all about fashion,health& fitness.
Every Little Things Naiya 16 28 428.1k
64 IndiaAtAGlance
Daily Updates for Indian across all Domains
IndiaAtAGlance Ankit Srivastav... 15 31 2.4M
65 FliptheLife
Enjoy Every Movement of Life!!!
FliptheLife Flipthelife 15 28 1.7M
66 CommonCelebrity
Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable
CommonCelebrity Manu Arora 15 37 2.5M
67 HappinessCreativity
Happiness, Creativity & Kindness
HappinessCreativity Akshay Sharma 15 32 963.3k
68 New Way Health and Fitness
New Way Health and Fitness
New Way Health and Fitness Ketan Patel 14 21 1.5M
69 Culture Lifestyle Health
Culture, Lifestyle, Fashion and Health
Culture Lifestyle Health Pankaj Saini 14 36 6.8M
70 Holistic Health N Life
Food, Nutrition, Disease control, healing
Holistic Health N Life Bikramjit Konwa... 14 35 6.3M
71 Express Unleased
A blog on travel, healthy living & social causes
Express Unleased Shilpi Dutta 14 22 8.2M
72 Busy Blogies
Tech Lifestyle Health Blog
Busy Blogies Iftekhar 14 19 498.6k
73 Healthytubes
help others peoples
Healthytubes Mohd Irshad 14 34 5.2M
74 Incredible Lifestyle
Food, Travel, Fashion, and Reviews
Incredible Lifestyle Kalpana Riyar 14 30 662.6k
75 Women Community Online
One-stop blog for all things related to women
Women Community Online Amisha 14 33 470.5k
76 tophindigyan
health and fitness
tophindigyan Mohd Irshad 13 30 N.A
77 LatestStuffUpdates
Latest Stuff from Tech and Health
LatestStuffUpdates Deepak Kumar 13 23 N.A
78 Zigreads
Lifestyle, trends and you
Zigreads Kishor Kumar 13 33 1.6M
SHRADDHA TRIPATHI Shraddha Tripat... 13 30 7.1M
80 bestproductforyou
The whole blog is about bestproduct for daily use.
bestproductforyou Akhil Singh 13 20 3.2M
81 Living Herself
Be Yourself, You Deserve It.
Living Herself Dr Richa Mina 13 36 603.1k
82 World Of hindi
We are providing the Hindi Essay for all students
World Of hindi Saurabh Mittal 12 24 561.0k
83 Lynnai style
Health & Beauty tips
Lynnai style Diamond Margret... 12 23 3.0M
84 Natural Health Tips
Health website mainly focus on yoga
Natural Health Tips Anup Guptaa 12 20 2.5M
85 Healthbenefit4u
Health Fitness and lifestyle website
Healthbenefit4u Jitendra Saini 12 22 4.4M
86 pinkstea
health and lifestyle blog
pinkstea Pinks Tea 12 29 441.6k
87 The Pak Studio
The Largest Information Site
The Pak Studio The Pak Studio 12 33 1.8M
88 Be Expensive
make yourself Valuable
Be Expensive Sandeep 12 29 1.3M
89 All About Calories
MY blog is about calories , calories ideas etc
All About Calories Qasim Butt 12 19 5.7M
90 Yogic Wellness Secrets
Health Wellness and Fitness Tips and Tutorials
Yogic Wellness Secrets Anima Sur 11 26 3.1M
91 Corpus Aesthetics
Fitness blog - All about sports
Corpus Aesthetics Corpus Aestheti... 11 19 1.5M
92 Beauty Health Care
Beauty Blog
Beauty Health Care Mukesh 11 19 N.A
93 Meraki health
Learn to stay healthy and live happy
Meraki health Sumer Madaan 11 36 3.3M
94 The Fit Buddy
Hindi Health and Fitness Blogger
The Fit Buddy Pankaj Saini 11 20 N.A
95 LifestyleSimplify
The Online Magazine That Suits Men & Women
LifestyleSimplify Anupam Karan 11 36 562.4k
96 Fitness Quotes
Fitness Quotes Manish Darji 10 28 N.A
97 Scinergy21
Keep Reading, Keep Learning, Keep Sharing
Scinergy21 Megha 10 14 6.7M
98 Healthoduct
Health and fitness blog
Healthoduct Surbhi Sharma 10 24 1.7M
99 Health Ke Nuskhe
अब स्वास्थ्य संभंधित जानकारियाँ हिंदी में
Health Ke Nuskhe Raj Deep 10 17 2.1M
100 Zanaposh
Fashion,Health and Lifestyle
Zanaposh Chimnaza 10 29 3.1M
101 Health Care
Blog Cover Diverse Health Related Product
Health Care Pritam Mallick 10 26 N.A
102 Essential Oils Center
Essential oils recipes and blends for everything.
Essential Oils Center Robert Ro 9 37 4.5M
103 Homoeoplus
Health and wellness website
Homoeoplus Chetan dorwal 9 16 3.9M
104 99 Breaking News
Guest Blogging for SEO
99 Breaking News Tech Guru Seo 9 15 482.9k
105 Technohealthhub
A Conglomerate of Technology and Health
Technohealthhub Chandra Sekhar 9 21 1.0M
106 bestbeautys
Love The Skin You Are In
bestbeautys Raja Rajeswari 9 22 N.A
107 Health and fitness
Health and fitness
Health and fitness Subir Mandal 9 22 N.A
108 How Such
That's how you do it
How Such Divyanka Krsna 9 18 N.A
109 Beauty and Weight Loss Tips
Beauty and Best Weight Loss Tips
Beauty and Weight Loss Tips Blueskybd 9 29 N.A
110 24hLifestyle
24hlifestyle is your lifestyle news, Technology
24hLifestyle Dipankar Gharam... 9 19 173.7k
111 Sarasar Vivek
Motivational Blog
Sarasar Vivek Narasinh Purohi... 9 18 N.A
112 Towards a better lifestyle
Towards a better lifestyle, one step at a time.
Towards a better lifestyle Navita Bhatia 8 28 163.6k
113 Health Tip Clinic
Lets talk about health
Health Tip Clinic Dr Ismail Khan 8 20 N.A
sos medecin rabat, leader des urgences a domicile
SOS MEDECIN RABAT Sos Medecin Rab... 8 10 3.8M
115 Health and technology world
We will provide articles, reports , researhes.
Health and technology world Qaisarhayat 8 10 N.A
Fitness blog
DARSHAN FITNESS Darshan 8 11 3.1M
117 Vida saludable y bella
How to get a flat stomach without diet
Vida saludable y bella Luis 8 10 971.6k
118 Healthier Life Guide
A blog about healthy lifestyle and positivity
Healthier Life Guide Rashmita 8 24 158.7k
119 Acesque
Travel, Food, Fashion, Lifestyle, Tech, Events etc
Acesque Prakhar Kasera 8 28 N.A
120 Jante Hobe
Gaining Knowledge, Right Decision, Beautiful Life
Jante Hobe Habib Ullah 8 22 942.0k
121 Healing Arenaa
Complete Solution For Health
Healing Arenaa B Prasad 8 28 855.9k
122 Technomale
Technomale Kallol Paul 8 16 N.A
123 Tips Report
Hindi Blog which provide high quality Blogposts.
Tips Report Naveen Kumar 7 29 981.1k
124 Daily4ever
Natural Health and Beauty Tips
Daily4ever Farooq Khan 7 25 N.A
125 Top5listicle
Best of Health & Beauty!
Top5listicle Shweta 7 21 781.9k
126 Top5listicle
Best of Health & Beauty!
Top5listicle Shweta 7 21 781.9k
127 lifewingz
udaan zindagi ki
lifewingz Minakshi 7 17 292.0k
Provides information about health and fitness.
AUSPI KNOWLEDGE Vaibhav Patil 7 9 N.A
129 Bilkulsahihai
Bilkulsahihai Bilkulsahihai 7 24 2.3M
130 Sant Ayurveda
Ayurvedic health tips
Sant Ayurveda Manmeet Kaur 6 22 978.1k
131 Early Natural
All natural health Information
Early Natural Manish Singh Bi... 6 16 3.9M
132 Eureka Of Life
Health, beauty, fashion and travel blog
Eureka Of Life Pramila Shrivas 6 17 4.6M
133 Good Vibes
A Blog about Health | Wellness |Beauty | Mind
Good Vibes Deepika Dhaka 6 12 4.8M
134 Prosfitness
Fitness and Bodybuilding
Prosfitness Mathew Jones 6 15 4.0M
135 Healthfooducate
Latest Health News, Diets, Workouts, Food, Healthy...
Healthfooducate Health 6 20 4.0M
136 Glamorguild
Wellness & Lifestyle community
Glamorguild Ashish Gupta 6 5 6.4M
137 Only Hindi Mai
Only Hindi Mai - Online Internet Information Hindi
Only Hindi Mai Only Hindi Mai 6 17 2.7M
138 Kitchen Rings
Busy people! Cook tasty & healthy food, with me!
Kitchen Rings Sheetal Rabindr... 6 10 N.A
139 Healthd-Sports
কখনো জিতবে,কখনো শিখবে
Healthd-Sports Rafsan Jani 6 17 402.9k
140 Hindiganga
Learn Everything in Hindi
Hindiganga Paras Dhankecha... 5 19 8.2M
141 Doctormommyspeaks
Experience and research backed help in Parenting.
Doctormommyspeaks Dr. Rahat 5 27 1.0M
142 Growide India Blog
Growide India Blog
Growide India Blog Growide 5 15 2.4M
143 Crisscros
Health Blog
Crisscros E Control Devic... 5 9 7.0M
144 Only Health Cares
Blog on health.
Only Health Cares Vivek Yadav 5 11 N.A
145 Health Pro Tips
committed to being your source for expert health
Health Pro Tips Health Pro Tips 5 18 4.7M
146 Improving remedies
Improve your lifestyle with remedies
Improving remedies Praful Kharade 5 6 N.A

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