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If you see there are many Books bloggers out there, how will you decide who to follow? But don’t worry you're so lucky because this is right place! Here you'll find top best 50+ Books bloggers which is manually verified by authority. Read more...

I am also Books blogger, and if you want to start your own Books blogging 2021 just follow them for latest update and learn new ideas and suggestions for start Books blogging. It's a better opportunity for start career in Books blogging. In this Books bloggers list you can see bloggers location, DA, Moz, Alexa Rank.

These Books bloggers exactly influenced me to get out and start Books blogging now.

Top 50+ Books Blogs to follow

# Blogger Name Blog Name DA PA Location
1 English Summary Mohammad Athar English Summary
literature based website
59 40 Jammu
2 Bookish Elf Mitul Patel Bookish Elf
It's all about books and reading.
37 42 Ahmedabad
3 Eloquent Articulation Inderpreet Uppa... Eloquent Articulation
Edits manuscripts, writes & reads endlessly.
33 35 Udhampur
4 Dds Reviews Debdatta Dasgup... Dds Reviews
It is all about Books & Authors
32 33 Kolkata
5 Sohinee Reads & Reviews Sohinee Dey Sohinee Reads & Reviews
Spreading the reading bug since 2017!
27 28 Kolkata
6 Njkinny's Blog Njkinny Njkinny's Blog
Best Book Review Blog India, Book recommendations
27 41 Delhi
7 ClassiBlogger M N Anandh ClassiBlogger
Blog about Arts, Education, Entertainment and Tech
26 37 Madurai
8 Vidhya Thakkar Vidhya Thakkar Vidhya Thakkar
Books, food and lifestyle
24 36 Mumbai
9 Shalzmojo Shalini Baisiwa... Shalzmojo
Travel & Books
24 37 Gurgaon
10 redpillows Namrata Ganti redpillows
Book Blog
24 23 Coimbatore
11 Sonias musings Sonia Chatterje... Sonias musings
Words, emotions and pictures
22 36 Kolkata
12 Me Otherwise Ramya Abhinand Me Otherwise
Book Reviews, Book Recommendations
22 36 Delhi
13 Booxoul Neelam Apoorv Booxoul
Everything bookish and some Lifestyle musings!
21 22 Mumbai
14 Bookish Fame Khyati Gautam Bookish Fame
Bookish Fame
21 29 Bhopal
Best of TRIPS AND BOOKS in one place
20 29 Chennai
16 Lavender Orchids Enakshi Johri Lavender Orchids
Confluence of books and travel
20 33 Bangalore
17 BookJelly Amitesh Jasroti... BookJelly
Business Book Blog
20 27 Noida
18 The Tina Edit Tina S The Tina Edit
20 35 Hyderabad
19 Outset Rakhi Jayashank... Outset
A Pitstop for books
20 14 Cochin
20 Independent Book Review Muheeb Abid Independent Book Review
This Blog is for 5 must read poetry books for rebe
19 28 Şalālah
21 All About English Literature All About Engli... All About English Literature
All About English Literature
19 26
22 Bookmark and a fork Sonali Sanjay Bookmark and a fork
Because life is all about living it
16 27 Kozhikode
23 The Clipped Nightingale Madhuri Palaji The Clipped Nightingale
Books.. Coffee.. Traveling! What Else?
16 27 Hyderabad
24 Muse n Motivation Shail Raghuvans... Muse n Motivation
The Thinking Blog
16 21 Chennai
25 Swati's Journal Swati Joshi Swati's Journal
Illustrated Kids Stories, Guj Poetry, Articles
16 27 Vadodara
26 Books Charming Aakanksha Jain Books Charming
Book Reviews
15 28 Indore
27 MotivationJet Laxminarayan Gu... MotivationJet
Inspirational Quotes, Motivational Short Stories
15 23 Nagpur
28 Adi's Journal Aditya Sathe Adi's Journal
Poems, Stories and articles in Marathi
14 29 Pune
29 Hot Cup of Kaapi Lata Sunil Hot Cup of Kaapi
Reading during a break
14 26 Mumbai
30 Sbhilyrics Vikash Kumar Sbhilyrics
Download All Books PDF For Free
14 30 Mumbai
31 My baby, Parenting & my books Sindhu Vinod Na... My baby, Parenting & my books
Journey of parenting and fictional world
13 32 Chennai
32 OutLandiSH Sheetal OutLandiSH
its a book blog
13 17 Mumbai
33 The Contemplation of a Joker Manas Mukul The Contemplation of a Joker
It is a lifestyle and a travel blog
12 29 Delhi
34 Bohemian Bibliophile Ritu Bindra Bohemian Bibliophile
Books, Book Reviews, Food, and Random Ramblings
12 32 Noida
35 Vartika's blog Vartika goyal Vartika's blog
Live in the moment
12 26 Pune
36 Preeti's Panorama Preeti Negi Preeti's Panorama
A blog on Books, Travel, Entertainment
12 31 Mumbai
37 Fun And Factz 4 U Jhavinder Thaku... Fun And Factz 4 U
Learn And Earn through Blogging
12 33 Mandi
38 Rain'n'Books Farshana Rain'n'Books
Feel the rain, take a book and have a cuppa:-)
11 18 Bangalore
39 The bibliophilic World Priya The bibliophilic World
A blog for books and life, and more books…
11 22 Jammu
40 Book Stack Neena K Book Stack
Mainly indian book reviews, analysis
11 26 Panaji
41 Life with my Penguin Pragnya Mishra Life with my Penguin
Parenting, books, travel and more
11 27 Bhubaneswar
42 My Bookish Banter Aayushi Gupta My Bookish Banter
Book Reviews, recommendations, discussions & more
10 19 Gurgaon
43 Creative Religious Creative Religi... Creative Religious
Religion, spirituality & House of Poetry
10 19 Chandigarh
44 Nazariya Now Shahab Khan Nazariya Now
Nazariya Now is a Platform About Politics, Techno
9 18 Bhopal
45 ThinkNeha Neha Gupta ThinkNeha
Reflecting Thoughts...
9 17 Noida
46 ReachThroughWords Devika Ramadoss ReachThroughWords
All about books and it's review
9 21 Chennai
47 Conquer UPSC CSE Vinayak Kadam Conquer UPSC CSE
Civil Services Exam
8 18 Udaipur
48 Thus I Read a Book Sumir Sharma Thus I Read a Book
Book Reviews in Non-Fiction & self-publishing
8 16 Ludhiana
49 Bookworm's Reviews Siddhant Agarwa... Bookworm's Reviews
Review of Books, from a Bookworm
8 11 Delhi
50 Shubh Result Jay Srivastav Shubh Result
Aapka Result Shubh Ho
8 25 Lucknow
51 TheMummaStartup Amritha Srinath TheMummaStartup
Parenting, Book Reviews, Recipes and more
7 24 Thane
52 Sifarnama Shahab Khan Sifarnama
Digital Art, Article, Story & Book Review
7 10 Bhopal
53 paperbacktomes Isha paperbacktomes
A bookblog for YA, Fantasy books.
7 15 Bengaluru
54 Hindi eBooks Jyoti Kumari Hindi eBooks
you can find the most readable, frequently bought
7 12 Jhansi
55 Bodhisattya Pal Review Bodhisattya Pal Bodhisattya Pal Review
Book Review and recommendations
7 17 Medinipur
56 Srimad Bhagavatam Srinath Shrothr... Srimad Bhagavatam
The King of all Puranas
6 15 Bangalore
57 Periodical Gazette Infantina Thang... Periodical Gazette
Book reviews
6 15 Chennai
58 MyBookTours Archana Singh MyBookTours
Honest Book Reviews
6 17 Pune
59 Meander Preethi Krishna Meander
In my Book world or by other means roam around
6 10
60 PaperandPen Sonal Deo PaperandPen
Paper and Pen
6 22 Hyderabad
61 e-abhivyakti Hemant Bawankar e-abhivyakti
साहित्य एवं कला विमर्श
5 8 Pune
62 Modern Breeze Arpan Ghosh Modern Breeze
Where the mind is without fear.
5 19 Kolkata
63 Dictionary of History of India Sumir Sharma Dictionary of History of India
Indian Terms, concepts, events and personalities
5 16 Ludhiana
64 Literary Delirium Sam Literary Delirium
book reviews and recommendations
5 14 Hyderabad
65 Boidehi Assamese Magazine Hims Boidehi Assamese Magazine
Boidehi Assamese Magazine
5 7 Guwahati

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