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Pratsmusings by Pratibha P

Added on: Oct 15th, 2020

Pune , India

My quest for organic products and green living started in 2010 when I wanted to get the best for my twin boys. The past years have been spent on discovering products, methods to reduce the carbon footprint and working with easily available things that can make life simpler.

By 2011, I began my journey as an eco-mommy and a green living enthusiast and it has been filled with lots of learning and discoveries. My sole aim is to let you all know that there are awesome products out there waiting to be discovered!

What will you find here?

Most posts on my blog will be information on products, stores, DIY tips and lots of other things that will help you lessen the carbon footprint on the planet. You’ll find me reviewing a mix of all the *green* and good things on this blog. And yes, once in a while when I am in the mood, you are likely to stumble across some gyaan too!
Who am I?

A work from home mom, a blogger, a creative writer and an amateur photographer. That pretty much sums up my life. My days are crammed with meeting deadlines, managing the daily chores and two hyper twin boys who are vying for my attention all the time. I quit the corporate world in 2008 and I have absolutely no plans to get back there !

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