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Pragun's Blogazine by Pragun

Added on: Feb 01st, 2018

Nilgiris , India

“Namaskar” Welcome to Pragun-Tatwa Thank you for stopping by to read my blog.

Pra – Gun – IFY (I feel u, I found u, I framed u, i Fantasy u). Pragunify is creativity… It’s an excellent, earthy, simple straight and honest soul.

Creativity is everywhere. It’s in the Sun you see, or Air you feel. It’s in the images you frame in the clouds in the sky. When you throw the pebble in the calm water beauty is seen in those circular shapes too, ripples are many but water is the same. So it’s the way you see it... Nature is speechless but speaks the language of ample words.

Join me on this creative journey of the circle of life to which surprises arise. To explore the creative beauty in and around I started my journey with My space and then got into Foodelicious. I recently started this blog on my name to explore the panchtattwa’s of my life.

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