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The pandemonium that is life, of a ponnu in madras

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Madras Ponnu Blog by Madras Ponnu

Added on: Oct 03rd, 2017

Madras Ponnu Blog

Chennai , India


i am a ponnu (meaning girl in Tamil) from madras (no you cant force me to say Chennai).

i am one of those rare atavistic mortals on earth. scientist is my primary tag, but i am also the plant-sapling murderer, succulent mama, dog lover, book devourer, list-crazy, semi-OCD movie buff and critic-of-everything. I categorically dislike using capitals even at the start of the sentence and where grammar mandates. yellow and black are my favorite colors. i write poetry in my head when i am sad. i staunchly believe chocolate and/or coffee is the solution to all problems.I am carnivore and love experimenting with food.

this blog is just my way of leaving a stamp other than just my science

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