YBP Color Cream Mermaid Review

YBP Color Cream Mermaid Review

YBP Color Cream Mermaid Review

Feb 04th, 2021 Niharika Verma

YBP Color Cream in The Mermaid was my first ever product from YBP Cosmetics. I wasn’t actually in need of this but I wanted to have something from this brand I wanted to give this brand a try. Back then, the only products YBP Cosmetics had were their color creams and makeup perfector. In their later years, they introduced skincare in the market.

YBP Plant Remedy was their first-ever skincare launch if I am not wrong which I also bought and tried. Since then, they have been focusing on skincare and I can say with no doubt, their skincare game is on the next level.

I have used so many products containing the term “pure” and “organic” but they never felt pure in the true sense. It’s with YBP Skincare only I felt I am using something so pure that I am able to connect with it mentally.

In fact, I have now recently purchased their healing salve as well and I AM IMPRESSED! The ingredients in their skincare which I used to believe do not work for me at all, worked so beautifully.

Well, enough about their skincare. This post is about YBP Color Cream in The Mermaid.

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