Wrapping Up The Year 2020

Wrapping Up The Year 2020

Wrapping Up The Year 2020

Dec 31st, 2020 Shilpa Sheetal

As I sit down and look through my cloud-stored folders and update my financial budgeting sheets for the year, it does not feel like a new year is about to begin today. 2020 has been insane – #lockdown #Covid #virus #WFH #mentalhealth #burnout and so forth. A lot has been going on in the last few weeks and I have not been in an emotionally stable place to gather up some courage and continue posting my blogs. However, I am getting better and it is a good time to wrap up my major hits and misses, high and lows, what I read and what I have learnt during this unusually chaotic year. Also, here is wishing you and your dear ones a healthy and prosperous new year ahead!

Let me take this moment just to say – you lived; every single day you woke up and tried to fight your blues due to this collective stress that has been impacting your daily life. Please pat yourselves for keeping it together with hope, strength and perseverance.

This post is a wind-up on how I have acted upon my resolutions – some worked, and some did not. In my 2020 resolution list, I jotted down my 10 resolutions for this year, and I feel it would be helpful to reflect on the progress I have made so far. What are my 2021 resolutions? To be honest, I am yet to make one. However, here is wind-up of hits and misses in my 2020 resolutions this year:

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