Top Haunted Places in Assam | Spooky places in Assam

Top Haunted Places in Assam | Spooky places in Assam

Top Haunted Places in Assam | Spooky places in Assam

Top Haunted Places in Assam | Spooky places in Assam

Assam, the place which is known for the red river and blue hills, If you are searching for assortment while picking your vacation goal, this could be the ideal spot. Here we present to you the top 10 most spooky places in Assam. 

1) Valley of Death for Birds, Jatinga

Jatinga Haunted Place | Most Haunted Place In Assam

Near Guwahati there is a spot called Jatinga, this town is well known worldwide for its unexplained wonder of mass fledgling suicides. The greater part of the transient flying creatures visiting the region never leave the town. The mass suicides happen on a particular 1 mile by 600 feet piece of land between 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM on the moonless evenings of September and October. This marvel is said to have rehashed a seemingly endless amount of time after year without a break for over a century. 

2) Haunted Lodge, Jorhat 

Horror Place In Jorhat| Haunted Lodge In Assam

Inhabitants hear sounds, shouts, and crying clamors originating from within the house when this spot has been abandoned for a considerable length of time. Numerous individuals who have attempted to mock the spooky tag, have adventured into this spot to unwind the riddle behind the occurrences, subsequent to visiting they have discovered different kinds of images at better places in this house, these images will offer shudder to a typical man. 

3) Haunted House, Guwahati 

Guwahati Haunted House Location

As per the legend, this house was under the control of an individual who rehearsed magic. After the demise of this individual, whoever attempted to settle here couldn't live calmly as the soul of this individual would pester and upset each and every individual who came to remain here. 

4) Bogijuli camp 

Bogijuli camp Haunted Or Not | Haunted Picnic Spot In Assam

It is in the Nameri backwoods save and has been accounted for some peculiar happenings. A lady can be listened to chuckling and crying uproariously, however, nobody is to be seen. There is a bamboo forest close by and once in a while unexpectedly commotions of bamboos falling can be heard however as common nobody is found there on examining. 

5) Evil soul, Guwahati 

Guwahati Haunted Area | Horror Place In Guwahati

According to the legend, a person from Guwahati got hitched to a young lady from another locale. Following a couple of days, the young lady consistently had dreams of phantoms assaulting her, soon her wellbeing decayed and she had wounds all over her body. Specialists couldn't discover the purpose for this, so at last, the spouse took her to a Tantric. The Tantric discovered that the weird things were being brought about by an abhorrent soul, this soul was enamored with the kid and it was attempting to enter the body of the young lady to fulfill her wants. The Tantric prompted them to move to another spot and afterward, the issue was unraveled. 

6) Haunted House, Nagaon 

Haunted House In Nagaon | Nagaon Haunted Location

There is a house bordering Tarun Phukan Road which is probably spooky by the death of a young lady. This young lady was assaulted and killed in this house and from that point forward the soul of this young lady has been attempting to settle the score with the guilty parties. 

7) Sundarbari Cemetary, Guwahati 

Haunted Place Near Guwahati

As indicated by reports individuals have encountered paranormal episodes close to this burial ground. Occurrences, for example, seeing specters, becoming ill, and hearing unpleasant sounds has been accounted for to have been experienced after 12 PM. 

8) Banyan tree, Puranigudam 

Puranigudam Haunted Place| Horror Place in Puranigudam

There is a scandalous old banyan tree in the Kakharigaon region. Legend has it that during the Assamese-Burmese wars of the 1820s, the Burmese carried out incalculable outrages on the poor Assamese villagers, including building bamboo sheds on the tree, more like cutting edge tree houses, they then tied up local people and put them on the tree and put the fire at the base. One can just envision the enduring of those individuals. Local people guarantee that the spot today is by one way or another spooky by those spirits and the site has seen various lethal mishaps over the years.No matter what the neighborhood specialists never really out this stretch of the NH-37, the mishaps simply continue occurring, further offering cause to local people dread about the site. 

9) Mayong Village 

Mayong Haunted Village in Assam

As per the legend, This spot has magicians who could change people to creatures by utilizing dark enchantment. This spot is well known for its convention of facilitating dark enchantment ceremonies. Individuals who are grieved by dark enchantment come here to get treatment. 

10) Hahim Picnic Spot 

Haunted Picnic Spot in Assam

The magnificence of this spot transforms into a quiet shocking spot after dusk. The stretch of interstate that goes through should be spooky and there have been reports of paranormal exercises. The spot should be spooky by an insidious witch who drifts around this spot.   

Disclaimer- This article is for entertainment purposes. Do not take it seriously. We have posted this article due to high search terms. All the information is taken from the net, We PSA has already confirmed some of this place is not haunted.

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