The Real Meaning of Spirituality

The Real Meaning of Spirituality

The Real Meaning of Spirituality

Mar 04th, 2021

This is going to be a comprehensive Spirituality Guide that covers more or less all the nuts and bolts one needs to know to fathom the real meaning of spirituality. There are two types of people who indulge in spirituality. The first kind of people believe in spirituality, and the other kind, know the real meaning of spirituality.

The former kind, if you ask them how they believe in it, they will generally say by reading all the scriptures and Vedas. Some literally mug it all up and can recite a whole paragraph from the books as it is, and people go bananas. Like some people believe in God, some don’t. But neither of them KNOW the actual truth.


Believing VS Knowing

The other category of people KNOW the real meaning of spirituality. Believing and knowing are two different things that are a world apart from each other. Fire can burn us. Do we believe in it or do we know it as a fact? That’s the difference between knowing something and believing something.

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