Protinex VS Ensure – Which is better and why?

Protinex VS Ensure – Which is better and why?

Protinex VS Ensure – Which is better and why?

Feb 21st, 2021 Rituraj Pramanik

Recently i used to be browsing various articles and advertisements regarding protinex and ensure and therefore the difference in between them. But no articles has shown the large differences between both the health drinks clearly. So today i will be able to cover the subject regarding protinex vs ensure and supply you with the clear winner among them.

But before comparing we'd like to understand what are both of those and what are the health benefits of both of this.

Protinex powder is found easily within the market with various names and comes during a 400gm pack. it's a 100% vegetarian protein. Protinex is that the oldest supplement found within the market and is extremely good for health.

Nutritional value of protinex
If you consume 100 grams of protinex, you basically gain 32 grams of protein, 57 grams of carbohydrate, 31 grams of sugar and calorie of about 370 grams. the number of sugar may be a little high in protinex. Vitamins and minerals also are found during this supplement. Vitamin A, D, E, K , C and B-complex vitamin vitamin Bc and phosphorous also are found in protinex. For this reason doctors basically suggests protinex to women.

Health benefits of protinex
Basically the vegetarian protein supplements don't contain aminoalkanoic acid as compared to non vegetarian proteins. But protinex also contain aminoalkanoic acid .
Iron and protein deficiency within the body are often solved by protinex.
Vitamin A,D and calcium present in protinex helps strengthen bones.
Unlike other protein supplements within the market the protein content in protinex is so simple that the body easily absorbs it.
Helps in muscle growth and restoration of any muscle tissues.
How to use Protinex
Mix 2 spoons of protinex during a glass of milk and drink it. Always drink it after dinner to possess great results because the protein level is maintained within the body throughout the whole night.

Side effects of protinex
Sometimes causes gas within the stomach. Since some people cannot adapt to the external proteins there are often a drag in stomach for them. The proteins in protinex are derived from peanuts so people that have allergy towards peanut should stand back from protinex. a good amount of sugar is present in protinex so it’s an enormous no for people facing sugar issues.

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Ensure health drink may be a powder formed health drink that comes from the highly established brand “Abbott”. It consists of high proteins and 32 nutrients.

Health benefits of Ensure
Ensure contains top quality proteins which helps in body building and keeps muscle strong.
Ensure also plays a high part in preventing hair fall since the hair follicles are made from protein.
People who are into regular workout and gymnasiums , needs protein quite a traditional person. So ensure serves for this cause.
It doesn't contain steroids. Ensure contains only vitamins and nutrients which doesn't cause any damage to the body.
The presence of Calcium, vitamin D and magnesium in Ensure helps in making your bone and teeth stronger. Osteoporosis also can be prevented by calcium.
Ensure increases immunity in your body. This immunity is very essential to fight against the pandemic Covid 19. people that falls sick very easily should take ensure for immunity.
For people with no proper nutritional diet, can complete the diet by having ensure since it contains tons of nutrients
It also boosts energy state within the body. Makes your body strong, as a result the general strength within the body increases.
How to use ensure health drink?
You can consume ensure health drink with water or milk. But high results are seen when it's mixed with milk. People having lactase deficiency can take ensure health drink mixed in water. you'll take 2-4 spoons of ensure in water or milk. For exact amount you'll consult your regular doctor.

Side effects of ensure
There are basically no side effects reported for consuming ensure.

Protinex VS Ensure – Nutritional difference
The main difference within the topic protinex vs ensure are often easily concluded and conducted by this easy nutritional chart suggested by HealthAndHealthier .

So the above chart clears all confusions associated with the protinex vs ensure debate. Protinex is my choice compared to make sure the explanations for selecting protinex over ensure are as follows.

Compared to make sure , Protinex has more protein, less fat and calories.
It has an exquisite reputation and has been on the marketplace for 50 years
It is 100% vegetarian and is straightforward to digest.
For full nutrition, it's fortified with vitamins and minerals. Yummy flavors like vanilla, chocolate, fruit mix and Elaichi also are available. Chocolate is my favourite flavor.
Its conveniently accessible online and in the least medical stores/pharmacies.

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