Jan 06th, 2021 Swati Joshi

Poetry, the most powerful tool of expression, brings to you the essence of the real world either it be aesthetic or foul. Presenting to you the deepest thoughts and feelings in Hindi!

Don't forget to read Ghazal - I Read somewhere that a Ghazal can be interpreted as some poetic expression of both the pain of loss or separation and the beauty of love in spite of the agony it brings. This poetic rendition expressing love is written in Turkish, Urdu, Persian and Arabic. Requirements of a Ghazal are very much similar to that of the sonnets written by Italian poet Petrarch.

This love poem here has the same tone of a typical Ghazal. It presents the anguish love brings. When someone considers the other as his/her life, but the feelings aren’t reciprocated, the resulting pain makes them experience the hell.

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