Musicals - Short stories with musical ending.

Musicals - Short stories with musical ending.

Musicals - Short stories with musical ending.

Jan 19th, 2021 Swati Joshi

Words accompanied by music – an innovative notion including more of your senses! The stories with a musical end would apprehend the perceptions giving you a unique experience..

Bliss! – A Musical Short Story

First house in the lane, “Aruni-Nivas”; is in the seventh heaven since last week. Mr. Shrinivas Shastri is running here and there irrepressibly to make NRI grand-kids happy. Mrs. Aruni Shastri makes variety of traditional dishes and everyone relish her love poured into those recipes. After all they have come to visit them after two long years.

Music is one of the efficacies of this family. Shrinivas has been a renowned music teacher of Banaras and Nimitt has acquired this art from father at a very tender age.

It’s one more elated night when the whole family is sitting in veranda and Sniti, the granddaughter is ready to show a music video, she has...

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Posted by : Swati Joshi

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