Life's A Dance You Learn as you Go

Life's A Dance You Learn as you Go

Life's A Dance You Learn as you Go

Mar 03rd, 2021

What do I mean by saying that “Life’s a Dance”? Well, life is actually a rhythm, and once we understand that rhythm, and act accordingly, then it essentially becomes a dance. Life’s a dance for those who know that there is a tempo in life, and if one persistently catches that beat and swirls according to it, then there will come a time when the whole world will dance according to you.

What you call positive or negative, happy or sad, success or failure, things that inspire you and things which discourage you, things that go according to the plan and the things that didn’t—they all are actually a part of the rhythm of your life. So dance your best to every beat and turn and stop complaining and whining.

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