Inside Agra Fort: Your Detailed Guide To Explore

Inside Agra Fort: Your Detailed Guide To Explore

Inside Agra Fort: Your Detailed Guide To Explore

Feb 09th, 2021 Vipin Gaur

Agra means Taj Mahal and Taj Mahal means Agra.

This notion arises in our hearts when we think of Agra. Albeit, the city is also famous for the sweet Pethas which no traveler goes back without tasting.

My recent visit to Agra has been a special one. I didn’t visit Taj but everything beyond Taj. So in this post, I’ll introduce you to some hidden gems of Agra which are generally ignored or visited less frequently.

Historians believe that in the 11th century, a Rajput king named Badal Singh built this fort out of bricks named it after his name as ‘Badalgarh,’ which remained so until Akbar’s arrival. In 1180 AD, Ghaznavi’s army captured it. After that Alexander Lodi was the first emperor of Delhi who lived in this fort. Since then, Agra has become the second important capital after Delhi.

From Akbar to the last Mughal ruler Aurangzeb, all lived in this fort. Shah Jahan built many white marble buildings in his era in the fort. The historian Abul Fazal claimed that the fort encompasses 500 buildings and described it as a marvelous piece of architecture.

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