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Finally the day you were waiting for has arrived- Your blog is ready and you just want to start writing your first blog post.

You’re super excited to start your own blog and want to live a life-style of abundance and freedom!

That’s exactly what we all want in our life, if I’m not wrong. We all have dreams and we all chase our dreams in different ways.

You and I have decided to blog to chase and fulfill our dreams and you’ve exactly chosen the right way (Blogging),because it can afford us such freedom and abundance.

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So, let’s get the ideas of how to write your first blog post.

Hope you’ve done the following things

Chosen A Right Hosting.

Chosen Perfect Domain Name For Your Blog.

Selected right blogging topic/niche.

Installed the right WordPressTheme and designed your blog the way you dreamed it.

Installed essentials WordPress Plugins to perfectly organize your blog.

Now it’s the right time to write and publish your first blog post.

Your first blog post is your “first impression”. People will come to know you and your purpose of blogging from your first post.If they don’t find any strong purpose behind your blog, they’ll never revisit your site and  that would be a waste of time and energy for a blogger.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to write anything mind-blowing to impress your visitors, but one thing you must ensure is that your first post should be so captivating that they can’t help reading  and revisit your blog for the next post/article. 

Don’t be in a hurry to publish anything, you’ll get only one chance to publish your first blog post.

So,take your time to write,frame,create, edit, check,double -check and then publish.

Most beginners publish anything without knowing the pros & cons of their first blog post. Please don’t make such a mistake, it doesn’t work like that.

I know it sounds a bit scary, but that’s the truth.

Please remember if you fail to engage your first visitors or readers to your blog,you’ll lose them forever. But with little effort, knowledge and smart work you can create an engaging first blog article/post,which can leave a lasting impression on your visitors/readers.

So, look at how to write your first blog post.

How To Write Your First Blog Post: 7 Best Ideas

1.Start With Your Introduction

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As a beginner it is always good to start by introducing yourself. You just have plunged into the blogging world and no one knows anything about you.

If you want people to trust you and bookmark your blog, then they need to know you and your purpose of blogging and what they expect from your blog.

People want to befriend you. So, tell them 

● Your life’s experience

● Is it your first blog post.(Use keywords like “First Blog Post” or “Welcome Post”)

● Who are you- A professional or a full-time blogger?

● Your purpose of blogging (Why are you blogging?)

● What your readers you’ll get from your blog.

If you tell your readers more about you, they’ll know you better, they’ll trust you and want to hear what you have to say through your blog post.

If you only use exotic words to introduce yourself and not show any image of your’s, your reader will not trust you fully.

Remember “Seeing Is Believing”

Your self introduction will be more authentic and comprehensive when you upload a few images of your’s in your first blog post, otherwise you will be considered as a stranger behind a machine.

Final thought: your readers must know with whom they’re connecting, make it easier for them and they will connect with you at a deeper level.

2.Your Blogging Purpose

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The purpose of your blog depends on the voice you create and the target audience.

In order to gain trust of your readers, you must tell them your blogging purpose.

Why have you started blogging?

Why should they visit your site?

Your readers will appreciate it, if you can honestly tell them about your true intention behind the blogging and eventually this will help them to connect with you.

3.What Your Blog Is All About

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Once you’ve made it clear to your readers about your blogging purpose, the next most important thing that you need to tell them about the subject matter of your blog.

What you’re going to blog about- the TOPIC.

What do your readers get from your blog?

Is your blog will cover all the aspects of the topic you’ve chosen?

How often will you post your article?

Make sure your blog is not a multi-topic blog or just a generic blog with no focus topic.

If you want to gain authority, you have to completely focus on a particular topic with absolute clarity. That will develop trust.

4.Who Will Be Your Target Audience

In your first blog, clearly define your target audience.

Who are they, you’re writing for (aspiring blogger, beginners, professionals, students,etc)?

If you can connect your readers with your story- the story that clearly tells why you’ve started blogging, what exactly motivated you to start a venture like this, they will begin to trust you that you understand their problems and how they can start on their own something like this and become successful.“Success Breeds Success”

5.What Is Your Blogging Objective

If you want to achieve a certain objective in your blogging business, you must clearly tell your audience about your blogging goals/objective, because only your readers can help you to achieve that.

The more transparent you are,the better will be your trustworthiness.

6.Engage Your Readers/Visitors

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Make your blog lively by engaging your readers.

Allow them to comment, to subscribe, to share feedback, welcome questions by adding a comment section or subscriber button in your blog. Add social sharing buttons to help your readers/visitors to share your post.

Respond to their feedback and comments(negative/positive) as early as possible.

If you want to develop a strong and lasting relationship with your readers you should welcome and value their comments and feedback. After all, your readers are your real inspiration.

7.Make Your Blog Post Dynamic

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Make sure you create a dynamic blog by adding appropriate images, videos and interactive content in your blog. You can’t increase involvement of readers if your blog is full of text. It is very boring and overwhelming for readers to read large blocks of text, even when they really want to know the subject matter.

Link your blog with a high authority site of your niche, and show your readers that you care to share valuable online resources with them.

Write A Compelling First Blog Post And Drive Traffic From Day One.

➤ Make sure you add all the above mentioned points in your first blog post.

➤ Make sure they are connecting with an honest, open and a passionate blogger.

➤ Make sure your blog will be a helping tool for your readers.

➤ Make sure your blog is not an online shop with fancy items.

➤ Make sure you’re a transparent blogger.

Was this helpful??

If you’ve any queries please ask me in the comment section or you can directly mail me from the contact section.

If you care, please share.

Leaning, Sharing & Inspiring…

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