how to register marriage

how to register marriage

how to register marriage

Sep 09th, 2020 Bridalglamguide

Marriages are beautiful and all about love, laughter, and happily ever after. Marriage is seen as a sacred institution in our Indian culture. Marriage is a knot of two souls but it is essential to make the marriage legal. Couples often debate whether to get their marriage registered in court or not and also on how to register marriage. The Supreme Court has made it mandatory in 2006 to register all marriages. It is very important to be able to prove your relationship with your spouse if needed.

Nowadays, with the evolving laws, registering your marriage is the second crucial step to take after you take the wedding vows. Though we will definitely come to the point as to how to register for marriage certificate, first we will explain why it is so much important in the eyes of the law.

A marriage certificate is also required by the bank or lending authority when the partners want to purchase a joint property or apply for a home loan. If you are willing to take a life insurance policy after your marriage, then registration of marriage becomes essential to make your partner legal nominee.

If any of you are working abroad and want to take your partner after marriage, then a marriage certificate will help in getting a work permit from that country. In the absence of this certificate, it is impossible to take your partner along with you.

As we all know India is a country of diverse cultures, so currently there are two legislation’s framed to solve the challenges of Marriage Registration Laws:

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