How to download a youtube video for smartphone

How to download a youtube video for smartphone

How to download a youtube video for smartphone

Sep 14th, 2020 Masudul

There is a set of simple programs with which you can download video clips and view them without an internet connection.

And we will show you more than one way to download videos via YouTube. During the following lines, you have to follow us.

Download a YouTube video for android phone

If you selfs use to the smartphone that works on the Android system and wants to download videos through the YouTube program, you can use one of these apps: -


Is the TubeMate app free to download and install your smartphone devices? Users will not be required to pay any fee when downloading and installing TubeMate use to looking great.

The tubemate youtube video downloader apk free High-quality video download for android phone devices.Download SD video, games, Movie, Remix song Overall video download, youtube Dailymotion, Vimeo. 

TubeMate apk is used to select all the videos you want to save your phone. All you need to do is navigate the video's page within the browser and select the click download option. 

Videoder apk

  • One of the great free applications that can use to download various videos via YouTube, in case you are on Android, Windows, or Mac.
  • Videos can be download from 170 or more sites other than YouTube, including Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • And you can choose the video's quality if your device's capabilities are limited, whether the phone or the computer.
  • You want to free download it, and you must go to this link.


  • It was launched in 2014 AD, and it is one of the most used applications on the Android system, with which you can download music and videos, whether from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or others, with the video being downloaded in more than one different format, and you will find it by managing downloads on your phone.
  • You can download the program from here.


  • The tubes android application for downloading YouTube HD videos for smartphones is characterized by quickly downloading and installing, even if the Internet-connect is slow.
  • With it, you can download YouTube videos in more than one different format, according to the video's quality and design, and it allows you to view the videos before uploading them to the device. You can free download the androi app use this link.

Save media

  • One of the sites that allow you to download videos for free, you have to open the youtube, select the video and copy its link, then enter the program page via this link, write it in its own location, then click on download, and select the format in which you want to download the video.

fastest YouTube video download for PC


  • It helps you download hundreds of YouTube videos, and supports downloading videos from Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, and other applications, and you can access it from here.


  • You can Free download YouTube videos in any format you best choose through this application, you have to open YouTube, select the video you want to download, then copy the video link, place it in the box in front of you on the program’s page, and click on the word download, then choose the appropriate format for the video, and you will find it on you. Your smartphone device and you can access it from this link.

How to download a YouTube video to a pc without any web application software

Sometimes we encounter problems when downloading different videos through YouTube's download programs, so we will explain two methods by which you can download the video without programs, as follows: -

The first method is YouTube Downloader online

The most popular android programs that you can use to free download YouTube videos without downloading any program on your computer, you have to do these steps: -

  • Go to youtube and best choose the video you want to download.
  • Go to the link and click on Copy, then go to the YouTube Downloader online via this link.
  • Paste the link for the video.
  • Click on Download on the right side of the link.
  • You will find options at the bottom of the page, indicating that you can download the desired video to your device.
  • Select the appropriate format for the video, then click download.
  • Save the video to your device wherever you want, and it will download in a few minutes.

The second way is by deleting

  • Go to YouTube via this link.
  • Choose the video you want to download.
  • Delete any words in the connection before the word youtube, then type SS instead of the removed words.
  • Best Choose an appropriate download format and click Download.

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