How Long does SEO take ? | For getting results of ranking

How Long does SEO take ? | For getting results of ranking

How Long does SEO take ? | For getting results of ranking

Nov 08th, 2020 Sandeep Singh

How Long does SEO take:- Hey Guys we all are know that time is very very important in our life. Time also plays a very important role in SEO. So, in this article I will tell you that how long did you have to wait, After doing SEO your site.

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So, Guys let’s start the topic. I will tell you my story about “How much time take for getting results after doing SEO” on my site. If you are beginner then this is very very important for you. Because Beginners does very much mistakes in their SEO. They have very bad patience level. So, This article will be very informational for you.

My Story when I was a beginner. How long does SEO take to get results after doing SEO.

When I was a beginner, I heard that SEO is most important thing for getting better rankings on google. At that time I already have a blogger website. But I was so irritated, because my website is not ranked on google and not receiving any traffic. I thinks ‘Why my site is not getting any traffic?’ My site looks perfect. So why?

Then I searched on youtube ‘How to rank on google.’ Then by viewing some videos. I came to know about SEO. I have learnt that SEO is the most important thing for ranking on google. Actually that’s not a proper true thing. Because according to me, SEO works 50 % for getting better ranking. Another 50% works your Article quality.

Like how better is your article? If your article is better and people loves to watch that. Then your article will rank even with NO SEO. I have personally experienced that. If your article content is not so good and people not reading that. But you have done a good SEO, then you article will rank but only for 2 or 3 days. After that your article will drop.

Because Google focuses on the quality and uniqueness of your content and on user experience.So, if people loves to read your content, then you will ranked otherwise not.

So, get back to my story. after watching some videos on youtube .I just started working on my site’s SEO. I have faced many difficulties, but somehow I have done some SEO on my 2 or 3 site’s article. Then I wait for 2 or 3 days and go the the Google analytics. I saw that none of my article receiving any traffic.

I go to the google search console and saw that none of my article ranked on google. Then I get so irritated from that site. I thought that there was a problem with site. Because doing so much hard work on SEO. but still not ranked.

After that….

Then I get so irritated and becomes very sad. Also my +2 class exams are started. Then i forget that site and started focusing on my studies. My exams were finished after a month.

Then after a month, first time I took my laptop and start that. I just started watching some videos on youtube. Then suddenly a thought came in my mind about my website. I just open my website and see that my website looking quite good.

Then I just open my google analytics and I just shocked. Because my 2 articles receiving 200 – 250 traffic live. And on that week my articles receives 2.5k Visitors. When i saw the performance of my website in that whole month. It was showing 2.5k visitors. It looks that my articles just ranked just in that week. not before.

On that day I was so happy and so excited. That website still runs and still receiving good traffic. So what was the conclusion that How long does SEO take?

Conclusion about How long does SEO take for getting results.

Conclusion about How long does SEO take ?

So, I want to tell you that, time depend on your SEO techniques. Like how you does your site’s SEO. How much backlinks did you have. But I wants to tell you that, Minimum wait for a month for getting full results after adding backlinks and doing SEO.

In some cases It can take just few days but in some cases it can take some months to get results. It also depends on your keyword difficulty. So there are many factors where time depends. But I personally recommends you to wait for at least a month.

After a month you will started getting some results of your SEO and backlinks.

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How Long does SEO take:- Hey Guys we all are know that time is very very important in our life. Time also plays a very important role in SEO. So,...

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