End Rape Culture Now, lets stand together

End Rape Culture Now, lets stand together

End Rape Culture Now, lets stand together

Oct 13th, 2020 Deepika Dhaka

Fear of Rape

As a girl child I grew up with certain rules and suggestions which were common in all the households that were known to me.

“Never take a drink from anyone or let your drink out of your sight. Don’t show too much cleavage. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Never go to a boy’s room alone. Always stay with a group of girls… safety in numbers. You can’t trust him, even if he seems nice.”

‘From “Always wait in crowded and in illuminated areas,” to “Avoid isolated areas.’

When I started my college, I had to shift to a different place these suggestions became more intense. One of them was like “If there is no person visible around, you should walk to the nearest shop, commercial unit and stand very close to it so moving traffic can easily observe you.

Earlier I used to think why my parents and relatives are being so nosy and overprotective. It was like okay! I know that atmosphere out there is not good for women but I know how to survive.

The Unsafe Daughters 

However, in the light of horrifying gang rapes and murders that have been taking place have forced not only me but women of all walks of life (a mother, a sister, a wife, young girls, and girl baby children) across India question ” are we genuinely the daughters of India?

I hope this bold question will clarify how women in India are feeling right now.

Not a day goes by where we don’t get to hear the news of crime against women in India. Earlier we used to think thrice, before stepping out of our abodes, especially at night time but today it’s like even the bright day light cannot save us from the eyes of the fiends that are out there.

This horrific condition of women in a place where we give women the place of goddess Lakshmi astonishes me.

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