Don't Wish for it, Work for it

Don't Wish for it, Work for it

Don't Wish for it, Work for it

Oct 10th, 2020 Jayanta Ghadai

Reaching here and to identify my dream was not an easy task. It took many failed attempts. Let’s go back in my college days ‘2011’ I started my carrier as a drawing teacher. I was just 16 years old when I started my business. And at that time my only dream was to be an independent women. It’s year ‘2020’ and I still take my drawing classes. I’m pretty much happy from my work but not SATISFIED. I wanted to grow more and achieve more is my life.

Then comes year ‘2015’ I got a job of a personality trainer. I was really happy with my work for six month. But then one day I was like let’s drop this lets try something else. In Salman Khan’s language “is kaam mein kick nahi mil rahi hai.” In ‘2016’ I left my job.

“After quitting my job, I was able to realize that I’m not taking a step backwards, I’m taking a leap forward to explore and redefine my own success.”

It was year ‘2016’ I started making vines, yes those funny 15 seconds videos. Received a very good response. But yes there was a few percentage of people who criticized a lot. But it is also true I was not at all satisfied by my work. Then one day out of nowhere I realized let’s just drop this. I wanted something different. I took a break, for about half a year.

Then comes ‘2018’ my journey of TikTok. I always used to admire TikTok stars. Always wanted to be a known face and also loved doing acting but somehow it didn’t worked. Whenever I used to post a video 50% of the crowd appreciated and rest 50% LAUGHED. I was very disappointed, like what am I doing? What do I actually want from myself?

But my life changed in year 2020, yes 2020 the covid period, THE LOCKDOWN was a turning point in my life. During the lockdown I used to do nothing just sit on the couch eating, watching Netflix, sleeping and yes I used to stay on my phone all day surfing on Instagram and Pinterest. I always used to love clicking pictures of myself. One day I was on my couch surfing on Pinterest I came across a nice portrait photoshoot of sisters. I loved that picture a lot. So me and my sister decided let’s click an exact same picture, let’s give it a shot. So we clicked the picture and uploaded it on Instagram and boom it turned out to be an amazing shot.

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