Chandrika Devi Mandir: Lucknow’s Ancient Temple of Goddess Durga

Chandrika Devi Mandir: Lucknow’s Ancient Temple of Goddess Durga

Chandrika Devi Mandir: Lucknow’s Ancient Temple of Goddess Durga

Oct 05th, 2020 Vipin Gaur

I have always been saying that we are the people of a nation where God is enshrined in every particle. We are standing on a diamond mine, the deeper we dig, the more we will dive into the religious and cultural ocean. What I am most proud of is that people from every corner of the world visit India to see its diverse culture and traditions.

One of the many Goddesses is Durga Mata, who is worshiped in every part of India. Durga Puja (a huge celebration) is held in the Bengal while the Navratri festival celebrated all over India. During this time, all the people are filled with devotion and lose themselves in worshiping the deity.

Today I will talk about Chandrika Devi temple located in Lucknow, capital of Uttar Pradesh. Chandrika Devi is an incarnation of Mata Durga. Although I had once visited this pilgrimage in my childhood. I was a kid back then, so nothing much that I remember. When I came to know about the glory of this place, the desire to visit it again grew in my heart and this curiosity pulled me here one day.

The history of the temple is related to the Mahabharata and the Ramayana period. Although no correct information is available about its construction it is said that this temple dates back to the 12th century. When the foreign invaders came, around the 12th century, they hunted down and destroyed many great temples. In the same invasion, Chandrika Devi temple was also destroyed up to a great extent.

The temple establishment at the present time is about 300 years old and was built by the locals. Another story that is prevalent is that a person once saw the goddess in a dream and the very next day he/she installed an idol and slowly the local people contributed to the rest of the outline of the temple.

The atmosphere of Maa Chandrika Devi temple is divine and spiritual. Lush greenery, Gomti river flowing adjacent to it, and a wonderful peace all around, which will leave no stone unturned to engulf anyone in devotional spirit.

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