Book Review of The Girl Made of Gold by Gitanjali Kolanad

Book Review of The Girl Made of Gold by Gitanjali Kolanad

Book Review of The Girl Made of Gold by Gitanjali Kolanad

Oct 02nd, 2020 Vidhya Thakkar

The Girl Made of Gold by Gitanjali Kolanad published by Juggernaut Publishers is a mind-blowing book. It’s a book that literally made me crazy. I was trying not to shut my eyes and complete the book filled with twists. Yes, it’s that crazy and amazing at the same time.

I had that omg face till the end. From what was happening to what will happen, I wanted to know everything immediately. The well-developed characters make this book more enthralling. You’ll dwell with every character here, each of them creating their own image in our minds. The way their emotions, their desires are expressed by the author is commendable. It’s a blend of thriller, mystery and love. Not to forget about that unexpected climax which again made me fall in love with this book more and more.

Looking for a perfect thriller read? Do pick up this book. With an excellent storyline and engaging writing style, it won’t disappoint you.

About the Book:

Thanjavur, the 1920s. One night, the young devadasi kanaka disappears and, as if in her place, a statue of a woman in pure gold mysteriously appears in the temple to which she was to be dedicated. Many villagers assume that kanaka has turned into the girl made of gold. Others are determined to search for her.

Through the story of kanaka’s disappearance, Gitanjali kolanad gives us a beautifully realized world – of priests, Zamindars and devadasis, and of art, desire and their dark reverse sides. Girl made of gold is a mystery, thrillingly told, and also a moving human story of the pursuit of love and freedom.

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