Best Gaming Console List for 2020

Best Gaming Console List for 2020

Best Gaming Console List for 2020

Gone are the days where gaming was said to be a simple hobby or past-time. It has entered the realm of being potential career options for many, and the growth of the gaming industry worldwide has called for an expansion in gaming products. Nothing is too less for avid gamers, even in terms of their devices.

There are presently three big players in the console market, namely Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. There are some dark horses from other companies, too. However, the best gaming consoles as of 2020 are:

1. Microsoft Xbox One X Gaming Console

When we talk About 4K gaming, the best option available to us is Xbox One X. It is capable of delivering HDR at 60 frames per second, which also gives you gameplay in 4K resolution. Also, It is one of the most powerful consoles for gaming in the current scenario. 

It is also well priced and is worth the investment. This console features a Blu-ray player in 4K and is also compatible with Google Assistant voice commands, Amazon Alexa, and is accessible with external devices like mouse and keyboard. 

2. Nintendo Switch Gaming Console

Nintendo Switch is an iconic product as it is versatile and the best gaming console money can buy. The device’s hack can seamlessly transition from a mobile gaming device to a home gaming console by fully complementing itself with the station. 

The switch has a continually growing era of games with unique characters, and also, the plus in the switch is that it has innovative joy-con controllers. The switch is also backed up by the most fantastic support, i.e., Nintendo Labo kits. 

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