All you need to know About Death And Rebirth

All you need to know About Death And Rebirth

All you need to know About Death And Rebirth

Feb 23rd, 2021

As convoluted as concepts of death and rebirth may seem, I promise it will be pretty interesting to peel this off step by step to see what actually lies beyond!

We all know that Death is a part of life, and most of us are not really ready to accept it. The END is also a part of the journey. We are fearful of death; we are ignorant of it.

Are we ready to really accept it? NO, we aren’t!! The very thought of it, makes us shiver like anything. We can’t even imagine someone close to us, passing away.

But nevertheless, we need to understand what death really is. If we could understand concepts like death itself, then though there will definitely be a sense of separation (in case the worst happens), you won’t be morose about it. Both are actually pretty different things, a world apart.

For instance, if you meet someone during a journey, and had a blast with him/her, then after the journey comes to an end, you will feel that sense of separation but you won’t be all gloomy about it. Saw the difference?

All right so, let me give it to you straight. There is no such thing as “Death” in this world. Nobody really dies. Nothing CAN ever really die. Neither scientifically nor spiritually. All there is a CHANGE, and we label that as DEATH. Now before you burst on me, think about it for a sec. 

When you boil water, does the water die? Or does it just become invisible to the human eye, as it converts into vapors?

Similarly clouds, form, and de-form, they don’t die. It was water before it transformed into a cloud, and it will remain water only before it transforms again.

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