7 Secrets of Death

7 Secrets of Death

7 Secrets of Death

Mar 05th, 2021 Umang

Secret of death: The passing of the individual who is conceived is additionally an essential fact of the matter.

7 secrets of death

Dharma Shastra says that the person who has known the truth is never afraid of dying, but the death of the person who is born is also the eternal truth.  Incidentally, information about death is exceptionally uncommon. Yet, there are some divine spirits who get the sensation of death previously demise, when and how their passing will occur. Learn the unsolved mystery of death. 

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The seven sorts of death have been portrayed in the sacred texts as Balarishta, Yogarishta, Alp, Middle, Long, Divine and Amit. As indicated by the secret referenced in the sacred writings about the passing of people sevenly, God additionally decides the demise of all creatures who have taken birth from the mother's belly. 

Here is 7  Secrets of death

1. Balarishta 

Death from birth to eight years old is called Balarishta passing . On the off chance that the horoscope is in the sixth, eighth, twelfth from the Ascendant in the horoscope , at that point the individual bites the dust in youth, ie Balaarishta. Aside from this, if there is a period of sun based obscuration or lunar shroud, if the sun, moon, Rahu are in a similar zodiac and if there is a sorry excuse for the savage planets Saturn-Mars on the lagna, at that point the demise of the mother alongside the youngster is additionally abused. In the event that there is moon in the 6th house from the lagna, Saturn in the lagna and Mars in the seventh house, at that point the dad of the youngster kicks the bucket or he needs to endure like demise. 

2. Yogarishta 

Death between the age of eight and 20 years is called Yogarishta passing . At the point when the eighth house is debased by merciless planets like Saturn, Mars, the contrary planet sitting in the lagna is retrograde, at that point Yogarishta kicks the bucket. This yoga stays in full impact on Chaturdashi, Amavasya and Ashtami before Amavasya. The demise of the kids whose guardians enjoy wrongdoings is additionally Yogarishta. 

3. Minor death

The individual who bites the dust at 20 years old to 32 years is called short demise . Locals of Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant are fleeting, yet in the event that there is some other favorable planet in the horoscope of these ascendant locals and the Sun is in a solid position, at that point this yoga doesn't have any impact. In the event that Lagnesh is in factor Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Ashtamesh is in double natureGemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, at that point there is short age. On the off chance that the birth is an adversary of the Sun, the local is youthful. Also, if both Saturn and Moon are in a fixed sign or one is in a variable and the other is in twofold nature, at that point an individual bites the dust between the age of 20 to 32. 

4. Medieval 

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